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Kareena-Shahid get talking!!


One time lovers Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor are known for ignoring each other ar award functions and other parties, however at a recent party hosted by SRK, both ex-lovers exchanged pleasantries thanks to director Karan Johar.
A source present at the party says, “Shahid and Kareena came face to face and everyone thought they would simply ignore each other like they have done on many occasions in the past. But this time, Karan happened to be present right there and instead of marching past each other, they slowed down for a bit. And the rest, as they say, is history.”
Kareena and Shahid kept talking for a long time and were later joined by Saif Ali Khan who also acknowledged and shared pleasantries with Shahid.
The source adds, “Shahid and Kareena have finally decided to leave their acrimonious past behind them. This was very evident in the manner all three of them – Shahid,Kareena and Saif – interacted with each other at Shah Rukh’s party.”
Kareena’s official representative did not confirm the news, but said, “Kareena has no problem with anybody, including Shahid.”

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