Adding more to his chain of honorable work, actor Sonu Sood now helped 170 young ladies stuck in Kerala via transporting them to their home state. The young ladies from Odisha were working at an industrial facility in Ernakulam, Kerala, as sewing and weaving workers. On Friday, Sonu sent an exceptional airplane to lift the young ladies and other 10 vagrant workers who were working at a pressed wood processing plant. 

The news was distributed by IANS that additionally conveyed elite photos of the little youngsters modeling for the camera while holding Sony's representations in hands. Rajya Sabha MP from Odisha, Amar Patnaik likewise valued Sonu's endeavors in helping the young ladies and tweeted about it. His post read, "Sonu SoodJi, you are assisting the Odisha young ladies with returning securely from Kerala is estimable. Praise to your honorable endeavors. It's mind blowing to perceive how you are helping the penniless arrive at their homes securely. More solidarity to you," 

The young ladies were carried from Kochi and were sent at the Bhubaneswar air terminal, after which individual transportation to their particular zones in Odisha was organized. This is only one of Sonu's numerous endeavors that he has made to help vagrant laborers from all over India arrive at their homes. The on-screen character has so far sent more than 2000 specialists to their homes in different Indian states. The on-screen character and his restaurateur companion started the activity called Ghar Bhejo in March and keeping in mind that they confronted numerous difficulties at first, more individuals collaborated with them later and now, they are determined to send every transient specialist and their families back to their homes.

On-screen character Pooja Hegde has said that her Instagram account was hacked, subsequent to unflattering images about her associate Samantha Ruth Prabhu were shared, chafing fans and provoking a Twitter pattern. #PoojaMustApologizeSamantha is drifting angrily, with tweets from irate fanatics of Samantha who aren't accepting Pooja's clarification. On Monday night, Pooja tweeted that her Instagram had been hacked and was being recovered. "Please do not accept any invitations or pass out any personal information to the person asking," she said. After an hour, which she spent "stressing," Pooja tweeted again to state the record was reestablished and that all movement in the while it had been hacked would be fixed.

We know selecting the best Bluetooth headphones around this budget is not an easy job. If you are looking for headphones below Rs.1000 & Rs.2000 then you are at the right place. Therefore, to ease your difficulties, we have reviewed a wide range of headphones here, that will suit your budget and requirements for sure.

Here are our best wireless headphones for music lovers like you, and you can expect good quality sound, perfect bass, and well built as well.

Samsung C&T presents you the new comfortable light weight travel buddy.Bluetooth neckband with high quality driver for premium sound quality, enjoy up to 6 hour audio playback on a single charge. Now look classy with this hands free neckband available in two attractive colors of Black and Blue-Black.Also Available in three sizes ear tips for comfortable wearing & Magnetic tips to secure the band around you from falling.


  • Qualcomm’s CSR 8635 Bluetooth Chipset: Powered by Qualcomm, World’s best Bluetooth chipset developer, along with CVC Audio Tech and 5 Band Equalizer.
  • Condenser microphone for HD calls and Siri/Google assistant voice command, Powerfully sculpted audio that produces dynamic sound with clean heavy bass.
  • Micro-woofer Drivers - Robust aerospace grade AL alloy encased over micro-woofers that provide crisp deep bass for bass heads, crystal clear highs and stable midst.
Sound quality in these earphones are amazing. The mids are crisp and clear, the vocals are good the bass is also heavy but it's that not punchy.but don't you can adjust the equalizer and have that punchy base. The call quality is also good because of the condenser microphone. These earphones have noise cancellation which works good. The volume level on these earphones are really high.


# Build Quality:-
The earphones have a nice build quality it's made up of plastic this makes the earphones lightweight and it can handle normal daily wear and tear for a long time. 

# Sound quality:-
* The sound quality is just awesome & the bass is also great.It has a nice HD audio quality.
* It has a nice isolating fit and you can also enjoy your music in noisy places also. If you are not getting the perfect fit I will recommend you to try the extra buds which are given in the package.

# Battery Backup:- The battery backup claimed by Xiaomi is 9 hours but in my case in one charge it can last for 7 hours which is great.


Rockerz 255 are equipped with the latest Bluetooth 4.1-CSR8635 chipset and 10mm drivers. Together they ensure crystal clear wireless transmission in true HD sound. 

Bluetooth range not more than 10m.
You might face ear pain due the conical buds (can be removed)
Call quality is not that much good.


  • Off-Axis magnetic technology - Oval-shaped earbud with nozzle angled at 60 degree tunnels the sound directly into the ear canal, also providing noise isolation
  • Magnets: Premium and durable magnets, attach the two earphones together when not using them
  • Noise Isolating Aerospace Grade AL Drivers- SpireX comes with Built-in micro-woofers that produce a deep bass, isolating noise in any environment
  • Long Battery Life - SpireX is a powerhouse. The run time is 8-10 hours and it has 1-2 days of standby
  • Micro-woofer Drivers- Robust aerospace grade AL alloy encased over micro-woofers that provide crisp deep bass for bass heads, crystal clear highs and stable midst
  • Built-in Mic: Condenser microphone for HD calls and Siri/ Google assistant voice command, Powerfully sculpted audio that produces dynamic sound with clean heavy bass
NOTE:- It has the feature like if the power button is pressed for 0.5 seconds then the Google assistant will get activated which is a very helpful feature many different brands offer this feature.


  • JBL pure bass sound - Experience a better JBL sound with powerful bass that actually punch a punch
  • Wireless Earphone Bluetooth Streaming- Get Wirelessly stream high-quality sound from any Bluetooth enabled device
  • 6-hour battery life - Built-in rechargeable Li-ion High-Quality battery supports up to 6 hours of playtime
  • Call and music control over ear cups - Control the fly with easy-to-hold button and microphone on the cup of the cup Music playback and answer call
  • Hands-free calls- Control your sound and manage calls from your headphones with the convenient three-button remote with microphone
  • Reproducing the powerful JBL Pure Bass sound, 12.5mm Dynamic Driver-A pair of 12.5mm drivers punch out some serious bass
  • A flat cable that is durable and won't tangle up in knots Tangle-free flat cable.


Our Pick
7. Realme Buds Wireless

Tuned by Alan Walker
Alan Walker, a world-renowned DJ, along with the realme R&D team have tuned and optimized the realme Buds Wireless to give you the best bass and sound experience.

Powerful Bass
Enjoy a powerful and deep bass with an ultra large 11.2mm bass boost driver and Japan Daikoku technology.

12hr Battery Life
With an efficient lithium battery, one full charge gives you 12 hours of listening time.

Battery : 10hrs+
Sound: 9/10
Look and feel : 9.9/10
Comfort : 8.5/10
Connectivity : 9.5/10
Lag : Not encountered while playing apex legend and pubg.
Bass : Amazing
Overall : Must buy
Magnet switch : 9.9/10
Doesn't make that annoying beep while pairing.
Cons :
- Dual connectivity not present
- Control buttons should have some gap to help feel them
- Double tap and triple tap to change track. Should be long press volume up and down button


Life can be tough at times but that is not a reason to give up on anything. Not even your dreams. We are blessed in a way that we are able to do anything that we like despite the problems that we might face every now and then. All that really matters is how we choose to look at our problems. Are we going to complain about it or take it and make something out of it?

If you have physical ability, it is no reason to stop you from dreaming further. Recently, I came across a heartwarming story of a person not gifted with the best of physical mobility but he made the best out of it.  This is the story of KHAIRUL NIZAM, the founder of JAMU MALL. Khairul Nizam is one of the many successful entrepreneurs in our country - and what makes him special is the limitation on his physical functioning. At the age of 30, he managed to build an empire that allows him to live a life that is sufficient to support not only himself but his family too.

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-29 at 4.09.36 PM

I have included his own words to understand all that he has to grow through to be what he is today. 

Diusia 30 .. dgn keadaan cacat .. aku betsyukur dgn kehidupan .. aku berjaya membina satu syarikat jamumall sdn bhd , dan membina platform jualan .., aku happy mampu beli ape ku nak , mampu makan yg mewah , mampu travel ke dubai , korea , japan, australia dan byk negara aku dan sampai.. yg paling best aku dpt sediakan rumah meeah utk keluarga , tanggung family dan bersedekah setiap hari ...
Bukan nak riak ... tapi aku tau ramai sebenarnye org diluar sane nak jadi mcm aku , nak byk duit mcm aku , nk bahagiakan family mereka mcm aku .. tapiii adakah mereka sekuat aku??
kehidupan aku dulu tak mcm ni. Bayangkan anda di dalam jasad aku.. makan perlu disuap , mandi perlu diuruskan , duduk perlu diangkat , dan tidor perlu dijaga , bukan mudah untuk aku meneruskan kehidupan seharian .
Aku menanggung kehidupan ini bukan sehari , bukan tiga hari , bukan seminggu , bukan sebulan tetapi bertahun tahun !!! Ade ketika saya rasa sangat terkesan bile ade ketika bile sy haus , lapar , penat , takde org disisi .. tapi takkan aku nak mengharapkan mati??? Allah beri aku nyawa , nafas , sedikit kekuatan jari dan akal mesti ade sesuatu manfaat yg nak aku buat ..
Aku cube merenung dan mengimbas kehidupan ramai org diluar .. kalaulah aku di beri tubuh fizikal sempurna , boleh berjalan , berlari , melompat pasti akan aku gunakan sehabis baik untuk beri manfaat pada org lain ...
Aku melihat ramai yg malas untuk ubah hidup sendiri  , ramai yg suke bg bermacam alasan bile bekerja, ramai yg cepat giveup bile ade cabaran !!
Ramai cube memilih untuk kerja senang , taknak susah , lebih memilih kehidupan susah tanpa usaha dengan kuat , sanggup berhenti kerja dan mengangur bertahun2 atas dasar ego boleh bergerak sendiri dan sanggup melihat keluarga dan org sekeliling susah, Paling terkesan nak bg duit mak dan ayah, family pun tak mampu ... Aku sedih !!! Terdetik keinginan aku untuk bantu mereka ...
Jadi aku bangkit!!! Aku cuba buktikan pada masyarakat the best kehidupan adalah atas dasar bersyukur .. bersyukur dengan nikmat yg allah beri dan jangan sia2 kan , aku bangkit untuk beri manfaat pada org lain . Aku nak satu dunia nampak hanya 3 jari dan satu akal aku dpt melihat kegembiraan , senyuman ramai org2 disekeliling aku ..
Kini aku sedar .. untuk berjaya dlm kehidupan , pekerjaan , mahupun bisnes bukan mudah . Tetapi atas keinginan yg kuat , kasih syg yg hebat , keberanian yg tinggi , suka berlajar dan improve diri , dan juga seorang yg berkomitmen tinggi membawa aku ketahap sekarang .. Dan semua value yg ade dlm diri aku akan aku bawakan kedalam semua team aku dan masyarakat untuk mereka bangkit , bersemangat , dan berjaya !!
Akhir kata ... kalau aku ada 3 jari dan akal mampu membina kehidupan sendiri dan kebahagiaan org sekeliling .. anda ade berapa jari untuk ubah kehidupan?? Usia semakin meningkat, jangan tunggu lagi.. kite je mampu ubah diri kita!!

Follow him to join his life story :

Social connection or rather relationship is an essential part of our existence and certainly something we will not be able to avoid. It is fair enough to give some time to build a relationship that you share with your family, and friends but the core point to remember is, you are still an individual. To discover yourself is a big challenge, so it is important for you to focus on yourself first before you turn your focus on others.

1. You will learn to find comfort in solitude.

Socializing can be a fun thing to do, all the chit chats and laughter can boost your mood, and make you feel better about yourself. Also having friends, makes you feel important and cared but it is wise to understand that external factors will fade away with time hence it is important to feel genuine contentment from within you. It is important for you to take some time off, prioritize yourself and learn about yourself in depth. This means, at times you will need to take a break from your busy lifestyle and spend a good quality of time on yourself ; paying attention to little details of your likes and dislikes, spending time doing things that makes you happy. When you are truly comfortable and happy in your own solitary, you will eventually become a happy person in any situation.

2.  You will get more things figured.

It is no surprise that family or friends can impact our decision making skills. This happens as we are open with emotions with them because we trust them, which eventually making our mind to believe that they know us better than we do hence their advices should be apt for the situation. That is totally the opposite. No one knows yourself better than yourself – in short, you know the answers to your questions. Prioritizing yourself will help you to know what you really want vs what is good for you. Life is all about the choices but there isn’t any rules that you will need to play it safe – all the time. It is okay to take some risk and explore the path unknown. Most of the time, these are the choices that will help you to grow as an individual.

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