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Remember the time, Shahid?

Remember the time, Shahid?Everyone knows that Shahid Kapoor is a big star today and charges several crore for a film or endorsement.

However, few people are aware of his extra humble beginnings - he once stayed in a tenement in Andheri’s MHADA colony. Last week Shahid visited a small studio in the same locality and it was quite literally a walk down memory lane for him.

Shahid’s close companion Mamu, who has know his family for decades, was accompanying him when Shahid reached the area. He informed all of the actor’s old friends who live nearby, and they gathered at the studio to meet Shahid. Needless to say, it was an emotional moment for Shahid as well as Mamu.

Said Mamu, “I have known the family and been with them for over 30 years. There was a time when things were very bad and we stayed in the tenement for a brief period in 2000 and 2001 because we had no option. Shahid was learning dance from Shiamak Davar and the financial situation was quite dire. All this was before Shahid got Ishq Vishk and became a star.

Last week when we had gone there and Shahid was inside the studio, a couple of Shahid’s old friends came to know and told me they were keen to meet him, but they weren’t sure if he would be willing to meet them. I said of course he would, and Shahid came out to meet them.”

By this time, a huge crowd had gathered outside and everyone started singing Dhan te nan. Shahid got his pictures clicked with them and chatted with some of his old neighbours.

An emotional Mamu added, “I remember those times - during the rainy season, the roof leaked and I would constantly clean up to keep the place dry so the kids didn’t fall ill. I told Shahid that he has come a long way, ‘bachcha bada ho gaya hai’. When he lived here, no one gave him a second look. Now when we have left, the neighbourhood kids were running after his car. I am very happy for him.”

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