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Imran Khan undergoes head surgery!

His contender and good friend Ranbir Kapoor did it, and now it’s his turn. Imran Khan recently got admitted into a city hospital to undergo two surgeries that were aimed at removing cysts from his body. But the fans of the actor need not worry, since the surgeries were minor ones. Cyst operations are like routine procedure, he got one removed from his head and one from his arm. Whereas, Ranbir Kapoor got the same operation done to get a cyst removed from his back.

Imran Khan is all hale and hearty now. According to reports, the shooting for his upcoming ‘Matru Bijli Ka Mandola’ is on in full-swing, and the onlookers say that Imran is fantastic in the movie. An inside source has gone on to the extent to claim that people will finally get to see an actor out of the chocolate boy as he will shock the audience with his unique portrayal. He further said that Imran holds a great chance to be noticed at award functions this time around. ‘Matru Bijli Ka Mandola’ is being directed by Vishal Bhardwaj and will release soon.

We wish Imran Khan a speedy recovery, and may he resume the shooting with the same zeal as before.

Source: DailyBhaskar

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