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Shahid Kapoor wants to postpone film!

Shahid Kapoor wants to postpone film
Boney Kapoor has revealed that Shahid Kapoor asked him to postpone the release of Milenge Milenge.
The filmmaker said that he agreed to put off releasing the film because Shahid did not want it to go out at the same time as Ahmed Khan's Paathshaala and Yash Raj Films's Badmaash Company.
"Yes. I have postponed Milenge Milenge from April 2 and Shahid did tell me to postpone the film as he felt that for three films to release at the same time would make all suffer and also cut into the promotional events but he also said that the final decision is mine," Boney told Mid Day.
The director added that the release date of the movie had also been pushed back because of musical issues.
"We have recorded a new song, 'Sab Kuch Khatam Hokar Bhi' by Himesh Reshammiya," Boney said.
"It's probably Himesh's best song and Shahid was very excited when he heard it. He was very excited about the song and said this could be the surprise of the film. He's agreed to shoot the music video."

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