Do you daydream about your bike at home when you’re stuck in office in a boring meeting? Or do you spend all your weekends out hiking with your buddies? If so, congratulations! You are an explorer at heart. You refuse to be tied down with the normalcy of life and look at things with a unique perspective – just like in these posters below.

1. If you're not exploring physically, you're exploring mentally.

2. Your life challenge is to figure out a way to get paid for your explorations.
3. You can talk about your explorations non-stop.
4. You take your passion everywhere with you.
5. But there's a whole lot of stuff that only you and your fellow explorers get.
6. Your web history looks something like this.
7. And your professional life looks a bit like this.
8. You can see what others can't see.
9. And you will know every obscure detail about the object of your passions.
10. But you are only truly happy when you are exploring.

If any of this sounds similar then you, my friend are a born explorer. National Geographic Channel India is looking for people like you, who embody its spirit of exploration. People who pursue various interests. People with a passion to know more. People who are constantly looking at the world through an explorer's eye. If you're exploring anything in the field of art, music, culture, nature, music, photography, technology or more, you could win a Nat Geo Expedition to Machu Picchu, Peru! Take part in Mission Explorer here and get set for your new adventure.

Image courtesy: Indiatimes.

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