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15 Reasons Why Life Is Better When You're Drunk

Be stupid, be reckless, be crazy, be emotional, be funny, be spontaneous, be weird, be whatever the f*ck you want to be! Because, let’s face it, life is so much better when you’re drunk! Here’s why. Read more here.
2016 is right around the corner and if there’s one resolution you need to stick to this New Year, it is to live each day of your life as if you’re drunk! Be stupid, be reckless, be crazy, be emotional, be funny, be spontaneous, be weird, be whatever the f*ck you want to be! Because, let’s face it, life is so much better when you’re drunk! Here’s why.

1. When there’s alcohol in your system, there’s no space for inhibitions. You’re not the shy guy anymore. You’re the crazy, weird guy who talks to strangers or drunk dials his landlord just to abuse him or does the ‘naagin’ dance on international songs who doesn’t care about what people think.

2. Alcohol gives you all the confidence in the world. You can walk up to that girl at the bar and ask her out right then, and you can chug three more beers. There’s nothing you cannot do. You’ve never been more fearless. You’re the king, FTW!

3. You can finally let those feelings out and say what you actually feel like. You can tell that one friend how much you’ve missed him or you can tell that girl she looks like shit with all that make-up. It’s probably the most honest you will ever be.

4. You feel so much better about yourself when everybody around you is so vulnerable. You know everybody else’s life sucks just as much as yours and it’s the most comforting feeling ever.

5. You’re not looking for reasons to enjoy life. You’re so high, you’re happy for absolutely no reason. Life is too good to be true!

6. You have zero f*cks to give to where your girlfriend thinks you are or what your boss thinks of you. You don’t even know where you’re going to crash after the party, for God’s sake. You’re just living the moment, with no regrets from the past and no worries of the future. There’s no worry, no stress, just good music, and another round of shots!

7. When else does life give you chances to do pelvic thrusts on those cheap 90s Bollywood songs or play pranks on strangers or just annoy the shit out of your friends?

8. Being drunk is the only time you can actually have a full blown conversation with someone over something very serious with none of you actually understand a word the other one is saying, without letting each other find out.

9. Everything is suddenly funny. You laugh so hard at the most random things in the world they you’re literally rolling on the floor by the end of it. Getting drunk is the best way to enjoy this otherwise boring life.

10. Friendships are made over drunken conversations! You might get nasty hangovers every time you get sloshed with your friends but it’s totally worth those unforgettable, crazy memories.

11. The world really is a forgiving place for drunk people. It’s so freaking easy to say mean things to people and get away with it by playing the ‘don’t mind I’m really drunk’ card!

12. There’s no other time you’d give your friend the worst advice ever and even get thanked for it!

13. It is only when you’re drunk that you tell the most ridiculous lies to your parents most convincingly. It’s a superpower that gets activated only with enough alcohol in the system!

14. Five drinks down, and you start loving everything about everyone around. You may be a judgmental bitch otherwise, but alcohol turns you into this calm, sorted person who welcomes the worst of douchebags with open arms. You suddenly like everyone around, and you’re so much more accepting!

15. You can get drunk, lose all control and let it go because you know you have your friends around who would not only drop you back home but never judge you!

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