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Ladies, The Reason You Could Be Single Is Because You’re Too Smart.

Ladies, the reason you could be single is because you’re too smart. Read why here.
Smart Women

A new study has found that men are attracted to intelligent women in theory – but not in practice! They like the idea of smart women, but the moment a woman appears to be smarter than the man, the man backs off, because he sees her as a threat to his masculinity!
Researchers from the University of Buffalo, the University of Texas, and the California Lutheran University conducted a series of experiments with 105 male participants.
First, the men were given a make-believe scenario where a woman outperformed them in either maths or English. They were then asked to rate that woman as a potential love interest. The study’s authors said that the men showed more interest in the smarter women.
However, the next experiment was putting the men face to face with a number of different women. The researchers found that the men would distance themselves from women who did better than them on a hypothetical IQ test. They would also rate the smarter women as less attractive and were less enthusiastic about asking for their numbers or planning a date with them.
The authors of the study concluded that the men feel like their masculinity is being threatened when they come face to face with women who are smarter then them. However, more evidence is definitely required, since the study’s sample size was pretty small. 

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