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Lockdown-like curbs in West Bengal as COVID-19 cases rise; schools, colleges shut from tomorrow

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First Lockdown-like curbs of 2022 in West Bengal as COVID-19 cases rise; schools, colleges shut from tomorrow
Amid a sudden spike in the number of COVID-19 cases, the West Bengal government has imposed strict regulations in the state. Announcing the Covid-19-related restrictive measures in Kolkata and elsewhere in the state, the government instructed the respective district administrations, police commissioners, and local authorities to ensure strict compliance with the stated directives.

In view of the Omicron situation, West Bengal has imposed a series of fresh coronavirus disease (Covid-19)-related restrictions from January 3 (Monday), under which all schools and colleges in the state will once again shut their gates. Moreover, restrictive measures have also been imposed on shopping malls, market complexes, restaurants, and bars, wherein they will now allow only 50 per cent of their total capacity.

In addition to restriction and relaxation measures as already in force, following additional restrictions shall remain in force up to 15/01/2022:

1) All academic activities in schools, colleges and universities shall remain closed. Only administrative activities shall be permitted with 50% of employees at a time.
2) All government offices including public undertakings shall function with 50% of employees at a time. Work from home shall be encouraged as far as possible.
3) All private offices and establishments shall function with 50% of employees at a time. Work from home shall be encouraged as far as possible.
4) Swimming pools, spas, gyms, beauty parlors, saloons and wellness centers shall remain closed.
5) All entertainment parks, zoos, tourist places shall remain closed.
6) Shopping malls and market complexes may function with restricted entry of people by not exceeding 50 % of the capacity at a time and up to 10 PM.
7) Restaurants and bars may operate with 50% of capacity at a time and up to 10 PM.
8) Cinema halls and theatre halls may operate with 50% of seating capacity at a time and up to 10 PM.
9) Meetings and conferences shall be allowed with a maximum of 200 people at a time or 50% seating capacity of the hall, whichever is lower.
10) Not more than 50 persons at a time shall be allowed for any social, religious and cultural gatherings.
11) Not more than 50 persons shall be allowed for marriage related ceremonies.
12) Not more 20 persons shall be allowed for funeral/ burial services and last rites.
13) Local trains shall operate with 50% seating capacity up to 7 PM only.
14) Metro services shall operate with 50% seating capacity as per usual operational time.
15) Movement of people and vehicles and public gatherings of any kind shall be prohibited between 10 PM to 5 AM. Only essential and emergency services shall be permitted.

Other Advisory:
i) Duare Sarkar camps starting 2nd January 2022 are hereby postponed and will be organised again from 1st February 2022.
ii) Like in first two COVID pandemic waves, various Chambers of Commerce and Trade organizations may adopt different market places and ensure regular sanitization and COVID appropriate health and hygiene protocols. Norms of physical distancing should be strictly enforced and people without masks shall not be allowed to enter the markets.
iii) Management of industries, factories, mills, tea gardens and other establishments shall ensure strict compliance of COVID appropriate norms including wearing of masks, regular sanitization of work places and only double vaccinated workers shall be allowed to enter the work sites.
iv) All government and private hospitals are advised to review the arrangements and facilities for treatment of COVID in the hospitals so that timely and proper treatment can be given to those needing hospitalization.
v) People with Covid positive test results but asymptotic are advised to go for home isolation and monitor their health.
vi) At least 50 % of the institutional quarantine facilities as were existing during the 2nd wave of COVID pandemic should be made operational.
vii) Employers/ management bodies / owners / supervisors of all offices, establishments and work places shall be responsible for provisioning of all COVID safety measures including regular sanitization of work places, vaccination of employees and for compliance of stated directives and COVID appropriate norms. Work from home shall be encouraged as far as possible and practical.
viii) Home delivery of food and other essential products shall be allowed as per usual operational hours following proper COVID appropriate care and protocols.
ix) Wearing of masks, maintenance of physical distancing and health & hygiene protocol must be followed at all times.

We urge everyone reading this article to follow these:

Some members in your family may need to continue to take steps to protect themselves from COVID-19, including
Anyone not fully vaccinated, including children under 5 years who are not eligible for COVID-19 vaccines.
People with weakened immune systems or underlying medical conditions.



'Sharadotsav' app will make it easier who want to explore Kolkata during Durga Puja

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Kolkata is making a "smart" move as its peak tourism season opens with the Durga Puja on September 26, to be trailed by the Fifa Under-17 World Cup finale in October.
West Bengal's Tourism Department is sprucing up the city's image at airplane terminals and railroad stations, and has launched a portable application to enable travelers to do some genuine pandal-hopping amid the festive season. informations about High-Profile Durga Pujas in the city and how to arrive are incorporated into the application.

This Mobile App will make the pandal hoping easier to help the visitors to a great extent in addition to many useful information at the fingertip.
Around two dozen major Pujas go topical every year in Kolkata, displayed after such things as Buddhist temples and terracotta symbols, and before, paid tribute to Satyajit Ray and the Ambassador car. This time, the idol in one display features ornaments seen in the film Baahubali. Guests can get information not simply on such shows, but rather realtime traffic updates.
The Sharodotsav (Durga Puja) application launched on 5th Sept. also has interactivity built-in to engage the fan.

“We launched the mobile application keeping in mind the convenience of the large number of tourists during Durga puja, and also Kolkata’s people. It has transport and police links,” the State Tourism Minister, Gautam Deb, said.

The individuals who need to appreciate the merriments without swimming into swarmed lanes can select to simply see trending photographs of the celebrated Pujas on their phones.

Smartphone photographers can send their two best puja shots to the Tourism Department for an opposition. “Users can send photographs to us using the ‘share pujo’ option. After the puja, the three best photos will be awarded,” said Manish Jain, secretary, Tourism Department.

The photograph challenge will open along the puja on September 26 and entries can be sent till September 29.

As India's football capital, Kolkata is additionally held by Fifa Under-17 World Cup fever. The Tourism Department wants to draw in expansive footfalls including foreign tourists when the matches are played.

The city's image is to get a lift through expanded promoting at Kolkata and Bagdogra airplane terminals and at Railway stations, for example, Sealdah, Howrah, and New Jalpaiguri.

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Get the APP on Google Playstore.

What are some interesting facts about Bengalis?

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Whenever someone hears the word “Bengali” or “bangali”, or the modern version of the same word “bong”, things like pujo, roshogolla, mach-bhat, dada, didi, are synonymously tagged to it. Here are some awesome facts about the Bengali.. "Ja bolbo sotti bolbo, sotti chara mitthe bolbo na"...

Image courtesy: Being Indian
  1. Every one of us is familiar with famous DIPUDA. Digha-Puri-Darjeeling. Each and every Bengali has been to these places at least once in their lifetime. Sure shot!
  2. Every third person in the state has a name with the "Debo" prefix, irrespective of gender. Debopriya, Deboprotim, Debashish, Debojit, Debopriyo, Debnath - the list is never ending my dear ones.
  3. Every child in the house has two names - one his proper and official name that we call the "good name" (first thing Bengali uncles/aunts ask you when you meet them for the first time - "Shona, your good name??" ) and his pet name which is usually something not even remotely close to his real name and serves the purpose of embarrassing the person in public. Most common of them being shona, mona, babu, pocha, buri et cetera et cetera.
  4. No meal is complete without a sweet - rosogolla, mishti doi, shondesh , cham cham or any other variant is a compulsory for every meal.
  5. Sourav Ganguly and Mamata Banerjee are the universal "dada" and "didi" respectively (literally translating to "brother" and "sister" resp.). And we don't give a damn to what India scores in the match...all we need to know is if Dada scored a century or not. And anybody who has wronged our Dada dear is our sworn enemy.
  6. This one is a corollary of 4 - Every male you meet on the road is your "dada" and your maid is your "mashi" (literally translating to "maternal aunt")...irrespective of their age. We are also taught to address the males as “kaku” (uncle) whatever the age is. We are given this lesson since childhood, and this has caused lot of embarrassments for me… when I called the auto driver almost nearly my age as “kaku”.
  7. Evenings are not complete without "parar adda" (sorry dear people, there is no direct translation for this word. The closest would be rendezvous, but then it wouldn't carry the essence of the evening "addas") and "telebhaja" (fries and fritters). Oh I forget the "chaa" (tea).
  8. Corollary of 6 - Every street has a "chaa er dokan" (tea stall) and a "mishtir dokan" (sweet stall) and of course a phuchka wala (Golgappa stall. Sorry, dear non-Indian reader, there is no English word for this extremely unhealthy but heavenly yummy street food).
  9. No dish is Bengali enough unless cooked in high-cholesterol Mustard Oil. Yeah, it is not good enough unless the spicy zesty fervor of the dish makes your eyes shed a few tears of joy (literally!!). And no meal is complete without fish.
  10. Every Bengali is a born artiste - painter, poet, chef, singer, musician, dancer, football player, swimmer - either or all of these!! And no, I am not kidding.
  11. We do not buy clothes only during sales or on our birthdays like most people on this planet. Our species buys 15-20 sets of clothes a month or two before the Durga Pujo :D
Content Coutesy: 
Debarati Biswas, Masters English Literature, University of Calcutta

Spice of Kolkata: What They Say

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Spice Of Kolkata, City Of Joy, Kolkata

Interesting? All things considered, what about Mind Blowing! Let's begin by saying we are going to refer Kolkata as city of joy, previously known as Calcutta! Here are a couple of things which Calcuttans and Kolkatans will realize:

1. At 15 or 65, you are still a “Dada”.

2. New market is not new anymore!

3. If you don’t find a book in College Street, probably it doesn’t exist!

4. If you are wondering where the next bus-stop is.. just signal the bus to stop with your hands!

5. On public transport, no matter how crowded it is - “Ektu chepe!”

6. Only city where the bus conductor gets to hear “dicchi, dicchi!”

7. Taxi meters run faster than the vehicle itself!

8. Want to take a walk? If you aren’t married go to Victoria, if you are married go to South City Mall!

9. It’s not Tollygunge.. It’s Taligonj.

10. Everyone has a friend who is from South Point.

11. Origin of the oldest metro in India. So, “Metro niye kotha hobe na”

12. What we pray when KKR plays, “Aaj, sala, brishti hok!”

13. Bandh = “Yayyy, family time!”

14. Want to date a Kolkata girl? Just say, “Fuchka khabe?”

15. No matter how spicy the fuchka masala is “Arektu jhaal dao toh”

16. The first Bangla a non-bong learns “Ami tomake bhalobashi”. (After Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Devdas that has changed to “Eeshhh.. Sotti?”)

17. “Restaurant” = “Hotel”, “Shopping” = “Marketing”

18. Joggers wear monkey caps in the first week of November “Oh bhishon thanda porey geche dada!”

19. In the course of a heated discussion, a Bengali gunda threatens “Dada, eta bhalo hocche na bole dicchi!”

20. Calcutta to California.. there is a Calcuttian everywhere!..............

This 'Watchman' Left The Internet Stunned With His Golden Voice

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Facebook, kolkata security guard

Talent always finds its own way. Fortunes may not generally be on your side and you may not generally become showbiz royalty in your preferred profession, you won't not by any means land a legitimate position to gain an employment yet there's never a reason sufficient to prevent you from doing what you truly cherish in life. Take for instance, this security guard of 
Kolkata who's at present turning into the web's most recent most loved on the grounds that he happens to be an incredible artist as well!

 Adarsh Singh posted a few clips of him on Facebook and they have the greater part a million perspectives as of now!

This one is even more better..

Kolkata Got Named One Of The Best Cities In The World For Tackling Climate Change

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Kolkata Climate

The earth is changing regular and not everybody on it is doing whatever they can to administer to it. This is the reason it's a great deal more critical to recognize the endeavors of those that do. Also, one of our own one of a kind Indian urban areas is among those earth-adoring gatherings.

Kolkata, alongside 10 different urban areas from around the globe, has been respected with the Best Cities of 2016 honor at the C40 Mayors Summit held in Mexico City, as per PTI. This respect was granted in acknowledgment of the city's moving and imaginative Kolkata Solid Waste Management Improvement Project.

Their drive has accomplished upto 80% isolation of waste at the source and further isolation at later phases of mindful transfer. In addition, the venture is hoping to proceed with its great work while meaning to in the long run annihilate open dumping and smoldering of waste and to restrain the centralization of methane gas produced in landfill locales.

Alternate urban areas that got this honor included Addis Adaba in Ethiopia, Copenhagen in Denmark, Curitiba in Brazil, Sydney and Melbourne in Australia, Paris in France, Portland in the U.S.A, Seoul in South Korea, Shenzhen in China, and Yokohama in Japan.

This honor is an affirmation of a portion of the best and boldest work being done to battle environmental change and shield the present and future eras from its dangers.

Kolkata being on this rundown fills us with pride, as well as we trust that it moves whatever remains of the country to jumpstart in this overall battle against environmental change - an undeniable, extremely dire concern.
Source: ScoopWhoop

Bengali band Bhoomi banks on digital forum for latest album

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Kolkata, Bhoomi

Sixteen years after their Jatra Shuru sound collection made history in music, Bangla band Bhoomi has propelled their new collection on advanced media.

Bhoomi frontman and famous Bengali band artist Soumitra told PTI, "With not very many shops accessible for physical CDs everywhere throughout the world, we must be versatile to the present times as any innovative advancement is characteristic.

"We have in this manner just brought out not very many CDs for the media, our dear companions and for giving over to fans amid open shows. These are complimentary ones while Bhoomi will exclusively take into account the advanced media for business reasons and surprisingly," he said.

"However so far substance of tunes are worried, there had been no adjustment openly taste or gratefulness in Bhoomi's trademark urbanized people music and it's center group of onlookers. So we are just investigating the new medium however not leaving from our mark style," the Baranday Roddur artist with Surojit and others of the band, said.

Watch: Baranday Roddur – Bhoomi

"This new collection is a result of individuals' request," he said. About numerous individuals from Bhoomi, a standout amongst the most prominent Bengali Bands, not being a piece of the gathering any longer, he said,

"Yes, from 13 individuals in our gathering, just 4 of us are currently within reach for this collection. In any case, don't our tunes sound the same?" Bhoomi's long-lasting part Robin said the collection conveyed the legacy of the first as "music can't resemble whatever else." (gaan gaaner mato).

"We need to without a doubt change the organization to be in a state of harmony with the time as an audience in Africa or Dubai can't get the cd yet an advanced store can be all around.

"In any case, the spirit of our music, essential tune and verses continue as before," he said.

Another mainstream performer and band Chandrabindoo artist and music executive of some late movies, Upal said Bhoomi and different groups ought to attempt to discover elective approaches to produce incomes. Lamenting that collections are not sold nowadays, Upal said, "all the main groups here (like Bhoomi, Chandrabindoo, Cactus) need to consider elective income era through the net promptly."

Upal likewise upheld meeting up of two groups (Bhoomi, Chandrabindoo) out in the open stage where "I will render a portion of the Bhoomi prominent hits in my own "gayaki" and Soumitra da will convey few Chandrabindoo hits. This will bring forth another custom which may prompt our relationship in a few structures, practically like new melodies with new soundscape," he said.

Watch: Faguner Mohonay

The collection, initially transferred digitally amid Durga Puja, have been gotten well by both the Bengali diaspora and household gathering of people, Soumitra said.

"There are nine melodies of heap subjects – mythology, youth rhymes, Durga handkerchief, scene, specter and late night online talks in a state of harmony with present patterns."

These Pubs Are Perfectly In Tune With Kolkata

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Kolkata Pub, Kolkata Bar

Over the last couple of years, Kolkata has experienced a culinary revolution. Whether it's another themed restaurant, dynamic club life, pints to draught beer, Nahoums to macaroons – we've made considerable progress. Having said that, despite everything I swear by Nahoums! The city was constantly shy of mainstream bars, without a Socials like in Bangalore or Mumbai. Also, now we have individuals pushing for a prohibition on liquor in the city. Following Bihar is not what we need. The city's main charm lies in its "adda-over-drinks" culture! Prior to the state forces a boycott, we have a list for you that you should finish.

Mezzuna - Elgin and Prince Anwar Shah Road
Mezzuna has taken the city's parlor/bar life to another high. Energetic is putting it mildly for a spot that is continually clamoring with individuals and music. Inspired by the administration every time, thy ruin you with sufficient choices to look over and melt in mouth indulgences like pepperoni arugula pizza, sheep sliders, prawns in margarine and lime, salmon crepes… the rundown goes on!!
Price: Draught Beer - Rs 875 (3 ltrs), Cocktails - Rs 375 onwards
Address: 2nd Floor,, South City Mall, 375, Prince Anwar Shah Rd, Jadavpur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700068
Phone: 033 3087 1697

Irish House - Ballygunge
Express gratitude toward God for Irish House in Kolkata. In spite of the fact that I was charmingly astounded when they said they don't keep Hoegaarden in light of its low request, I'm happy that they had draft, ales, beers, strong and wheat. Reviving change from the standard thing, this present one's an extremely perfect alternative for beverages, music and live screenings. Zest up your visit by requesting the Wasabi Japonica, Blackened Burger, Nachos Grande and three lions steak!
Price: Rs 650 (for the ales, lagers etc), Rs 275 (domestic beer)
Address: 5th Floor, Quest Mall, 33, Syed Ali Beckbagan,, Sayed Amir Ali Avenue, Syed Amir Ali Ave, Lower Range, Beck Bagan, Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700017
Phone: 081002 53778

Hoppipola - Kasba
Everybody's discussing Hoppipola and its idea of "Eat. Drink. Play." It's situated on the fourth floor of Acropolis shopping center, stays swarmed the vast majority of the day, has awesome finger sustenance, drinks and particular insides. Must requests are 'Hot Chick' and 'Lamburghini Sliders'.
Price: Kingfisher Ultra - Rs 170, Craft beer Bira - Rs 250
Address: Acropolis Mall,, 1858, Rajdanga Main Rd, Shantipally, Rajdanga Gardens, East Kolkata Twp, Kolkata, West Bengal 700107
Phone Number: 033 30991281

The Great Booze Story - Elgin
A luxurious bar that has luring party time offers to pull in group. They additionally have a fascinating grunge stylistic layout and a goliath screen to show diversions. Brilliant browned phoenix prawns and zatar spiced fish fingers are a couple of our top choices that would run with your beverages.
Price: Rs 175 (Budweiser pint)
Address: 1/7, Sarat Bose Rd, Rowland Row, Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700020
Phone Number: +91 9163177771

Hakuna Matata - Park Street
At first I was hesitant to spend a night at veggie lover just eatery, however the visit to Hakuna Matata turned superior to anything anticipated. Love their idea of Jain, solid and veggie lover sustenance! Get ready to be dumbfounded by their phenomenal mixed drinks, exceptionally the Mint Julep and Matata Marita. Concerning lager mixed drinks, attempt the Cheers and Beers (brew with shikanji) and African Sunset (orange mixed brew).
Price: Cocktails – Rs 250 onwards Order a platter of fried nibbles to go with the drinks!
Address: 12D, Park Street, Opp Park Hotel, Kolkata, West Bengal 700071
Phone Number: 033 6555 6066

Spice Kraft - Ballygunge
Zest Kraft presents a radical new classification of mixed drinks by implanting organic products in vodka decanters for up to 3 weeks which then gradually discharges natural product oils that are added to the mixed drinks with a mystery mix of herbs. The Jamun Mary and the Hazelnut Heaven are prescribed. Finger sustenances to run with it are brew can tempura fish and pork burra kebabs.
Price: Cocktails at Rs 225 onwards.
Address: 54/1/2A, Hazra Road, Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700019
Phone Number: 098312 23311

Black Sky Bar - Auris, Theater Road
Nothing beats a housetop feeling and great music. The polished and welcoming patio bar transmits tranquility as it disregards the clamoring city lights and activity for a merited break. The striking climate of the Sky Bar offers creative mixed drinks and a perpetual cluster of sizzlers and flame broils for an extraordinary affair under the stars.
Price: Rs 3000 plus for two with alcohol
Address: Aauris, Level 7, 4, Robinson Street, Theater Road, Kolkata
Phone Number: 033 30959120

Someplace Else - Park Street
Somewhere Else offers a line-up that is extremely novel to the city, an atmosphere no other bar or city can offer. The music specialist would love Someplace Else, for its energetic environment of similar fans searching for a decent drink and some extraordinary execution by groups like Insomnia, Orient Express, Crystal Glass or Hip Pocket.
Price: Cocktails – Rs 575, Kingfisher Ultra – Rs 300

Oly Pub - Park Street
This fanciful spot doesn't require a presentation. Must concede that the servers are somewhat smug throughout the years. Some say the spot isn't as beguiling as it used to be however again which other spot serves Teachers at Rs 125/ - ! Yes, that is Oly bar for you.
Price: Kingfisher Premium – Rs 85, Red Label – Rs 330 (60 ml)
P.S.: Enjoy your drink with the signature Chateaubriand Steak.
Address: 21 Mother Teresa Sarani, A.J.C. Bose Road, Park Street, Kolkata, West Bengal 700016
Phone Number: 033 64520472

Opium - Salt Lake
This is the spot for the vast majority of the IT addict's of Sector 5, to make up for lost time over a beverage after work. It is set in an underground carport subject and offers exemplary rock with your beverages. Request a bit of baked chicken with your mug of chilled brew.
Price: Kingfisher Ultra - Rs 100, Teachers Highland - Rs 280
Address: Bidhan Nagar Municipal Bhawan, Service Rd, AQ Block, Sector V, Bidhannagar, West Bengal 700091
Phone Number: 033 2357 7641

Golden Joy - Tangra
A night at any of the eateries in Tangra's Chinatown is really extraordinary, maybe the sort of experience no other can offer. Brilliant Joy, offers shoddy beverages and extraordinary Chinese sustenance. Not to overlook, it is designed in red all over, red lights, table fabrics, seats and so forth and is hustling and clamoring at all times.
Price: Teachers - Rs 230 (60 ml), Kingfisher Ultra - Rs 170
Address: 50/1, Matherswar Tala Road, Govinda Khatick Road, Kolkata, West Bengal 700046
Phone Number: 098301 65168

Gossip - Ajoy Nagar
Relatively few would consider daring to a spot like Ajoy Nagar, for a beverage. Tattle is a significant customary amongst local people and a significant shock for others. In the event that faintly lit atmosphere, comfortable love seats and extraordinary music is all you require, head to Gossip. Likewise, make the most of your beverage with a part of their Lamb Roast.
Price: Draught (by glass) - Rs 110, Antiquity Blue - Rs 230 (60 ml)
Address: Unnyan The Commercial Complex, 1050/1, UNS 77, Survey Park, Ajoy Nagar, Kolkata
Phone Number: 033 40620747

Xrong Place - Southern Avenue
They screen matches. They serve chilled brew. So there's nothing incorrectly about Xrong Place (pardon the faltering!) Go for the LIIT and the Irish Trash Can (Rs 400/ - each). Depression to the colossal music or play pool first floor, appreciate the lights, the wooden insides and the group – this spot offers an incredible time, unfailingly.
Price: Rs 400 (Cocktails), Rs 700 (Tower of Beer)
P.S.: The pork chop with potato mash is a must order!
Address: 25, Dr.Sarat Banerjee Rd, Lake Market, Kalighat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700029
Phone Number: 088209 59973

Sera, The Tapas Bar - Prince Anwar Shah Road
Prior known as Zara, this is covered up on the sustenance court level at South City Kolkata, next to Benjarong. Barely noticeable, yet difficult to overlook once you've been there. The Tapas Bar (not Taposh, I've really heard numerous claim it that way) offers an enthusiastic atmosphere, house/EDM playing on the off chance that they're not screening a match and dazzling starters. It's verging on like you're in Spain!
Price: Cocktails – Rs. 425, Sangrias - Rs. 495
Address: Shop no 309, South City Mall, 375, Prince Anwar Shah Rd, Jadavpur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700068
Phone Number: 033 2422 8586

Blue & Beyond - New Market
Roosted on the housetop of Lindsay Hotel, Blue and Beyond offers stunning music, heavenly finger sustenance, a blustery and cool housetop climate and its mark mixed drinks. Winter nights are simply unparalleled. The USP of this spot is the perspective of Kolkata that you get, while you make the most of your beverage.
Price: Teacher’s - Rs 235(30 ml), Tuborg - Rs 155
Address: 8A & 8B, Lindsay Street, Lindsay Hotel, Opp New Market, The Lindsay, Kolkata, West Bengal 700087
Phone Number: 033 3025 8377

Bodega Cantina Y Bar - Park Street
The most current sensation nearby, Bodega is a throughout the day eating restro bar. Great with its brilliant and peculiar insides, the eatery offers a blend of Spanish, Mexican and Asian nourishment providing for it, its own special one of a kind turns. Extravagant requesting a laal maas tacos! On the off chance that you haven't as of now went by them, you would be advised to run!
Price: Rs 3000 (with alcohol)
Address: Park Center Ground Floor, 24, Park St, Taltala, Kolkata, West Bengal 700016
Phone Number: 033 4005 2919

Pour House - Sector 5
Division 5 concocts another awesome spot to home base and invest hours with companions/partners. Pour House is an idea parlor of two urban communities, London and New York with its horizons, divider workmanship and obviously London's phone corner. A major move floor and awesome music adds to the vibe great vibe. Must requests are Brasilian Batidas and Action Local Hero! To run with the beverages, attempt the solid ball and audi rings.
Price: 1500 (for two with alcohol)
Address: 1st Floor, Plot L1, Meghatherm Tower, Block GP, Near RDB Cinema, Sector 5, Salt Lake Cinema
Phone Number: 8017775717

Fairlawns - New Market
Outside seating, not prescribed for a taking off high temperature summer evening. Fairlawns is about peacefulness, placidness and tranquility in the midst of nature, creepers, plants and a chilled lager. That reminds me, they serve just brew in restricted variations. Moderate administration, yet it's the better climate nighttimes that make this spot worth a visit. This spot will take you back to old British ruled Calcutta and give you an extremely great European feel.
Address: 13A, Sudder Street, Kolkata, West Bengal 700016
Phone Number: 033 2252 1510

Trincas - Park Street
Maybe the uncrowned King of bar society in Calcutta, Trincas was the center point for performers in late 60's and 70's. A visit to Trincas won't just give you a vibe of this legacy bar yet you may likewise be fortunate and hear stories from its long time benefactors who still visit the eatery. Music, your decision of a beverage and destroyed sheep is all you require at Trincas for a magnificent night!
Price: Kingfisher Ultra - Rs 195 (330 ml), Antiquity Blue - Rs 265 (60 ml)
Address: 17-B, Park Street, Kolkata, West Bengal 700016
Phone Number: 033 2229 7825

Note: All expenses are just inexact qualities with duties, additional and the eatery may have reexamined the same.

An article by My Confessions Of Gluttony // @GluttonsPlate

Which of these bars would you say you are anticipating going by? Did we pass up a major opportunity for some of your top picks? Let us know, in the remarks segment underneath.
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