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Bengali band Bhoomi banks on digital forum for latest album

'Jatra Shuru' again for Bengali music band, Bhoomi and this time it's gonna go on digital platform. Read more.
Kolkata, Bhoomi

Sixteen years after their Jatra Shuru sound collection made history in music, Bangla band Bhoomi has propelled their new collection on advanced media.

Bhoomi frontman and famous Bengali band artist Soumitra told PTI, "With not very many shops accessible for physical CDs everywhere throughout the world, we must be versatile to the present times as any innovative advancement is characteristic.

"We have in this manner just brought out not very many CDs for the media, our dear companions and for giving over to fans amid open shows. These are complimentary ones while Bhoomi will exclusively take into account the advanced media for business reasons and surprisingly," he said.

"However so far substance of tunes are worried, there had been no adjustment openly taste or gratefulness in Bhoomi's trademark urbanized people music and it's center group of onlookers. So we are just investigating the new medium however not leaving from our mark style," the Baranday Roddur artist with Surojit and others of the band, said.

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"This new collection is a result of individuals' request," he said. About numerous individuals from Bhoomi, a standout amongst the most prominent Bengali Bands, not being a piece of the gathering any longer, he said,

"Yes, from 13 individuals in our gathering, just 4 of us are currently within reach for this collection. In any case, don't our tunes sound the same?" Bhoomi's long-lasting part Robin said the collection conveyed the legacy of the first as "music can't resemble whatever else." (gaan gaaner mato).

"We need to without a doubt change the organization to be in a state of harmony with the time as an audience in Africa or Dubai can't get the cd yet an advanced store can be all around.

"In any case, the spirit of our music, essential tune and verses continue as before," he said.

Another mainstream performer and band Chandrabindoo artist and music executive of some late movies, Upal said Bhoomi and different groups ought to attempt to discover elective approaches to produce incomes. Lamenting that collections are not sold nowadays, Upal said, "all the main groups here (like Bhoomi, Chandrabindoo, Cactus) need to consider elective income era through the net promptly."

Upal likewise upheld meeting up of two groups (Bhoomi, Chandrabindoo) out in the open stage where "I will render a portion of the Bhoomi prominent hits in my own "gayaki" and Soumitra da will convey few Chandrabindoo hits. This will bring forth another custom which may prompt our relationship in a few structures, practically like new melodies with new soundscape," he said.

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The collection, initially transferred digitally amid Durga Puja, have been gotten well by both the Bengali diaspora and household gathering of people, Soumitra said.

"There are nine melodies of heap subjects – mythology, youth rhymes, Durga handkerchief, scene, specter and late night online talks in a state of harmony with present patterns."

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