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Kolkata woman distributing wedding leftover food among the homeless that have gone viral for a reason

Pictures of a woman distributing leftover food from her brother's reception feast to the needy that have gone viral on social media. See photos.
Kolkata woman distributing wedding food

Papiya Kar, was seen dressed in saree and fine jewellery, sitting on the ground, distributing food to the homeless at the Ranaghat railway station past midnight. Her photos might have gone viral, but Papiya firmly pointed out that she did not care for publicity, her only aim being serving the helpless.

Kolkata woman distributing wedding food

Six days a week, she travels in a toto, distributing cooked food.

Kolkata woman distributing wedding food

Papiya had invited the people living at Ranaghat station to her brother's wedding but every one didn't turn up. So, she took the food to them at night.

News Courtesy: Times Of India

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