Spice Of Kolkata, City Of Joy, Kolkata

Interesting? All things considered, what about Mind Blowing! Let's begin by saying we are going to refer Kolkata as city of joy, previously known as Calcutta! Here are a couple of things which Calcuttans and Kolkatans will realize:

1. At 15 or 65, you are still a “Dada”.

2. New market is not new anymore!

3. If you don’t find a book in College Street, probably it doesn’t exist!

4. If you are wondering where the next bus-stop is.. just signal the bus to stop with your hands!

5. On public transport, no matter how crowded it is - “Ektu chepe!”

6. Only city where the bus conductor gets to hear “dicchi, dicchi!”

7. Taxi meters run faster than the vehicle itself!

8. Want to take a walk? If you aren’t married go to Victoria, if you are married go to South City Mall!

9. It’s not Tollygunge.. It’s Taligonj.

10. Everyone has a friend who is from South Point.

11. Origin of the oldest metro in India. So, “Metro niye kotha hobe na”

12. What we pray when KKR plays, “Aaj, sala, brishti hok!”

13. Bandh = “Yayyy, family time!”

14. Want to date a Kolkata girl? Just say, “Fuchka khabe?”

15. No matter how spicy the fuchka masala is “Arektu jhaal dao toh”

16. The first Bangla a non-bong learns “Ami tomake bhalobashi”. (After Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Devdas that has changed to “Eeshhh.. Sotti?”)

17. “Restaurant” = “Hotel”, “Shopping” = “Marketing”

18. Joggers wear monkey caps in the first week of November “Oh bhishon thanda porey geche dada!”

19. In the course of a heated discussion, a Bengali gunda threatens “Dada, eta bhalo hocche na bole dicchi!”

20. Calcutta to California.. there is a Calcuttian everywhere!..............

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