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Riteish Deshmukh Celebrates Dussehra With Genelia D'Souza And Sons Riaan And Rahyl

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When John and Genelia 'almost' got married

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This was one pairing which was waiting to happen. After being ‘cast’ together in the LG ad, the John-Genelia pair was just the toast and the talk of the town, which is now being toasted in Vipul Shah’s Force.

And when people talk of dedication and getting into the role, this duo will not just take the cake, but the entire bakery as a whole! What happened was that John and Genelia were shooting for a wedding scene which required them to do the traditional ‘saat pheras’. Reports have it that they were actually ‘stopped’ from finishing the saat pheras at the last minute. The reason? Well, news has it that ceremony conducted was so authentic that, by the time John-Genie completed the last round, they would have actually been pati-patni! The shoot happened in Malshej Ghat. Now for the twist! What actually happened was that whenever the film’s director Nishikant Kamath would say cut, the pandit just would not stop! That’s when someone from the unit realized and the ‘couple’ had to be stopped before the final round.”

Talking about the incident, Vipul Shah said that pandit in the scene was a localite who could not understand the dynamics of the shoot and insisted on completing the pheras. Despite the many attempts to make him understand about the ‘shot’, he just wouldn’t budge!

All in all, the shoot went on well! May we say, may the ‘Force’ be with John and Genelia.

Genes marriage in July 2010

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Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D'Souza are all set to solemnise their love story. The lovebirds who met on the set of their 2003 film Tujhe Meri Kasam and fell in love, will get married in 2010.

It is believed that the families have given Ritiesh their blessings and the shaadi will take place in July this year. The Deshmukhs is already making preparations and have told their relatives and close friends about a tentative wedding date.

Those close to Riteish always knew that he would eventually get married to her. She is the first girl he invited home to meet his parents. At the time, the family had reservations about him bringing in a non-Maratha bahu but they saw that their beta was serious even after six years.

It's been over four years since his older brother Amit got married, and there was pressure for Riteish to get married. He made it clear that his choice was Genelia who he calls Genes lovingly. Both sets of parents met and now the wheels have been set in motion.

The couple has also purchased property at Pali Hill where they plan to shift post-wedding. "Riteish being an architect has been busy hunting property for the last few months. In fact, he and Genelia have sat down and designed the interiors. Some of their close friends have even seen the blueprint and it looks very impressive." Giving details about the wedding the source adds, "The Deshmukhs have many relatives from Latur and they've all have been informed."

The shaadi was even a hot topic of discussion Sunday night when Riteish invited Shah Rukh, Gauri, Karan, Sajid Khan along with some friends over for dinner. "Whenever his friends are over, they all keep teasing and prodding him about tying the knot. Now he's finally told them that he is taking the plunge this year."

Genelia D`souza emotes in three languages!

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Genelia D`souza emotes in three languages!
It pays to be a multi-lingual star. Ask Genelia D’ souza . After playing a role in Its My Lifes Tamil and Telugu versions, she is now doing the Hindi version of the film. She is looking for novel methods to play the same character a third time. And that isnt easy.
Its tough because the role takes me far away from the college girls part in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. In Its My Life, I play the catalyst between the father and son played by Nana Patekar and Harman Baweja, respectively . The challenge, for me, was to make my character different from what it was in Tamil and Telugu without losing the original flavour. Of course, the emotions had to be more low-pitched in Hindi. Its like going from the highest scale to a lower sur in the same recital, says the actress.
The petite actress is doing a lot of emotion-swinging roles. After doing the high-dramatics of a Kannada film being shot in the suburbs of Vishakhapatnam shes back in Mumbai playing a subdued lawyer in David Dhawans Hook Ya Crook. And she isnt the least exhausted. I could do it in two other languages, she laughs.
The thing is, when I did Its My Life in Tamil and Telugu, the drama and the co-stars were different. The emotions have to be pitched in a different way in Hindi and South Indian languages. Although I play the same girl, it is a different character in Hindi . My role is that of an intelligent girl, she says.
Genelia says she has no life beyond movies and home. What I enjoy is dancing, both in real life and on screen. Thats when I let myself go free. I dont go out on dates and hardly have friends.

Genelia D'Souza faces cell phone trouble

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Genelia D’Souza has been a victim of technology, apparently we hear that her cell-phone got locked recently and that left the cheery actress cut-off from the world and panic-stricken. Narrating the incident the horror of which could only be fathomed by cell phone users, the pretty lady tells us that she was besieged by major crises but now things are falling in place.
Genelia posted comment on a social networking site, “Phone got locked an all my data, contacts were deleted. It was quite a scary situation for today I can’t do without cell-phone but thankfully now situation under control.”
Well, Genelia you couldn’t do Chance Pe Dance, for you found your phone and missed an opportunity to buy a new piece. Wotsay?

Genelia connects with John, Abhay on phone

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After reading the headlines, we are dead sure that all of you Bollywood 'fan-atics' must be smilingly thanking heavens and blessing the director for having brought together the likes of John, Abhay and Genelia: three of the Gen-Next Superstars under one roof! John Abraham, Abhay Deol and Genelia D'Souza have been chosen as the brand ambassadors for the LG range of mobile phones.

According to confirmed sources, the three have been appointed by the electronics major LG (it's the first time that the said company has roped in any brand ambassadors) to be the face of LG Mobiles. The source also added that the three stars were chosen amongst others, since they represent the company's brand values of excellence in performance. As brand ambassadors, John, Genelia and Abhay will play a key role in connecting the brand with the consumers.

Cute Genelia goes Sexy

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Genelia D`Souza walked the ramp for Chivas,where she shed her bubbly girl-next-door image and appeared in a sexy avatar! While at the show, she did a Chance Pe Dance and promoted her film there. Click on the video to see her sizzle on the ramp! 
Source: ZoomTV
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