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When John and Genelia 'almost' got married

This was one pairing which was waiting to happen. After being ‘cast’ together in the LG ad, the John-Genelia pair was just the toast and the talk of the town, which is now being toasted in Vipul Shah’s Force.

And when people talk of dedication and getting into the role, this duo will not just take the cake, but the entire bakery as a whole! What happened was that John and Genelia were shooting for a wedding scene which required them to do the traditional ‘saat pheras’. Reports have it that they were actually ‘stopped’ from finishing the saat pheras at the last minute. The reason? Well, news has it that ceremony conducted was so authentic that, by the time John-Genie completed the last round, they would have actually been pati-patni! The shoot happened in Malshej Ghat. Now for the twist! What actually happened was that whenever the film’s director Nishikant Kamath would say cut, the pandit just would not stop! That’s when someone from the unit realized and the ‘couple’ had to be stopped before the final round.”

Talking about the incident, Vipul Shah said that pandit in the scene was a localite who could not understand the dynamics of the shoot and insisted on completing the pheras. Despite the many attempts to make him understand about the ‘shot’, he just wouldn’t budge!

All in all, the shoot went on well! May we say, may the ‘Force’ be with John and Genelia.

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