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Genelia D`souza emotes in three languages!

Genelia D`souza emotes in three languages!
It pays to be a multi-lingual star. Ask Genelia D’ souza . After playing a role in Its My Lifes Tamil and Telugu versions, she is now doing the Hindi version of the film. She is looking for novel methods to play the same character a third time. And that isnt easy.
Its tough because the role takes me far away from the college girls part in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. In Its My Life, I play the catalyst between the father and son played by Nana Patekar and Harman Baweja, respectively . The challenge, for me, was to make my character different from what it was in Tamil and Telugu without losing the original flavour. Of course, the emotions had to be more low-pitched in Hindi. Its like going from the highest scale to a lower sur in the same recital, says the actress.
The petite actress is doing a lot of emotion-swinging roles. After doing the high-dramatics of a Kannada film being shot in the suburbs of Vishakhapatnam shes back in Mumbai playing a subdued lawyer in David Dhawans Hook Ya Crook. And she isnt the least exhausted. I could do it in two other languages, she laughs.
The thing is, when I did Its My Life in Tamil and Telugu, the drama and the co-stars were different. The emotions have to be pitched in a different way in Hindi and South Indian languages. Although I play the same girl, it is a different character in Hindi . My role is that of an intelligent girl, she says.
Genelia says she has no life beyond movies and home. What I enjoy is dancing, both in real life and on screen. Thats when I let myself go free. I dont go out on dates and hardly have friends.

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