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Genelia connects with John, Abhay on phone

After reading the headlines, we are dead sure that all of you Bollywood 'fan-atics' must be smilingly thanking heavens and blessing the director for having brought together the likes of John, Abhay and Genelia: three of the Gen-Next Superstars under one roof! John Abraham, Abhay Deol and Genelia D'Souza have been chosen as the brand ambassadors for the LG range of mobile phones.

According to confirmed sources, the three have been appointed by the electronics major LG (it's the first time that the said company has roped in any brand ambassadors) to be the face of LG Mobiles. The source also added that the three stars were chosen amongst others, since they represent the company's brand values of excellence in performance. As brand ambassadors, John, Genelia and Abhay will play a key role in connecting the brand with the consumers.

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