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What the fff...! Dilwale poster copied from Hollywood movie

Such a serene poster of Dilwale, followed by the stark reality of Bollywood. Here's the why and how of it.
Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol starrer Rohit Shetty flick Dilwale's first trailer melted many hearts. But the very next day, the same hearts, perhaps, broke to many pieces. Such a serene poster, followed by the stark reality of Bollywood. Here's the why and how of it.

Unfortunately, the copy bug has bitten many a Bollywood filmmakers in the recent past. And the most unexpected copy was that of Dilwale poster. Turns out, it's been blatantly copied from the 2014 Hollywood Flick 'The Best of Me.'

Twitter has been abuzz since morning regarding Dilwale poster being the mirror image of The Best of Me, reminding everyone about the Worst of Bollywood.

WTF! Dilwale poster copied from Hollywood movie

Many trolls have also begun to float around in the social media regarding the copied poster. Even the motion poster logo (the blue coloured heart on the right side above in the picture) was humorously said to have been lifted from the famous Kwality Walls heart-shaped logo.

No matter what, the poster release has raised many eyebrows and many questions alike. Though the script of both the films are not similar, it's about time SRK or Rohit Shetty or Red Chillies Productions come out and clarify about the similarities, lest a million hearts shall remain broken!

What happened to all the originality Shah Rukh Khan's movies had? Same for Rohit Shetty. Perhaps some 'Golmaal' here. (Pun intended).

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