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People Revealed The Reason Behind Their Break-Ups

Sometimes, they happen because of one of the two people. Sometimes, they are mutual. Read the reasons behind breakups.
Sometimes, they happen because of one of the two people. Sometimes, they are mutual. Whatever the case maybe, break-ups surely are painful. Here are real life accounts of people revealing on the Whisper app the truth behind why their relationships ended.

1. He didn’t leave her with much of a choice, did he?

His ex showed up and told her she was having his baby

2. That doesn’t really make him a jerk, though.

Because he was a jerk and he only wanted to have sex so I broke up with him..

3. At least you know that you don’t know.

Because I am a mess and unsure of what I want.

4. He totally brought that on himself.

Because he would make plans with me and blow me off at the last minute.

5. Can’t exactly blame him.

 he became disinterested because I wasn't ready to have sex with him

6. Fair enough.

Because I was still in love with my ex and wasn't ready for another person

7. Cowardice personified.

Her parents wouldn't let her date me for religious reasons.

8. Hope you find your Pluto someday.

She's wasn't as goofy and care free as I am

9. In any case, you both got what you deserved.

I cheated and never told him. The guilt ate me alive. I let him go.

10. Too bad.

he wouldn't tell his family about me

11. Am I the only one to whom this sounded funny?

he couldn't give me what he said I needed

12. Not too many options in that case, are there?

He was too controlling and the distance was tearing us apart.

13. I bet he was Indian.

he was gay and I was the cover up.

14. Much insecurity. Such WOW.

He got jealous of how much I loved Prince... Yeah, the singer Prince.

15. Okay. No comments there.

My sex drive was way bigger than his. He couldn't handle it in the end.

16. At least you both did your best.

I wasn't happy in that relationship. He tried very hard and I gave him my best but I still wasn't ever happy. I guess it's my fault.

17. Remotely reminds me of Nick and Amy Dunne.

I was tired of supporting him while he continued to quit his jobs because he wanted to play video games.

18. WASN’T ALLOWED? Excuse me?

He got really clingy and started telling me I wasnt allowed to wear make up or straighten my hair

19. Hope you kicked him once before breaking up with him.

He was way to manipulative and took out his negative emotions on me. Made me feel stupid and guilty for having my own opinions and beliefs.

20. Just one word: OUCH.

She broke up with me because apparently she
Source: MensXP

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