Delhi: Sarvjeet, the man accused of molestation of Jasleen Kaur is completely false. Like many others one of our celeb speak out about her feelings for the accused Sarvjeet. Kudos to Sonakshi Sinha for coming out and speaking her mind! Sonakshi Sinha has come forth on Twitter, expressing her discontent over the way things have unfolded in this case fuelled by an incessant blame game. Apologising to Sarvjeet, this is what she had to say: "Being a girl, gave the benefit of doubt to Jasleen, like many others! And like many others am embarrassed n let down! Apologies to the guy."

Sonakshi Sinha

She also added
In short: The girl uploaded Sarabjit's photograph on Facebook and wrote about the alleged incident in a post, which went viral, with many slamming the guy. Days later, a man, claiming to be an eyewitness in the case, said the girl fabricated the story.

Sarabjit, 26, has been granted bail.

Jasleen Kaur has taken down her Facebook profile.

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