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10 Bollywood stars and their crushes

How far can we go for our crushes? From Facebook stalking to finding decent ways of getting phone numbers, every move is important. And consequently, life becomes even more interesting. We all have celebrity crushes and from crazily waiting to catch a glimpse of them, to not missing any of their films, we have done it all. But if you thought that Bollywood stars don't have a crush-life, you're wrong. They're human with emotions, and they have crushes on their fellow stars as well. If you still can't believe it, here are 10 popular Bollywood celebrities and their crushes. And their crushes are superstars themselves.

Arjun Kapoor had crush on Kareena

Sonam has crush on Hrithik

Ranbir has crush on Madhuri

Parineeti has crush on Saif

Shraddha's crush was Hrithik

Aditya Roy Kapoor proposed Deepika for marriage publicly.

Aliya's crush Ranbir

Salman's first crush was Hema Malini

Sonakshi had crush on Hrithik

Vidya Balan had crush on Shah Rukh Khan

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