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Paoli Dam to do a film on wife-swapping next

Close on the heels of her success with the Bhatt production, Hate Story, a revenge drama that borders on being a sex exploitation flick, Paoli Dam is firmly entrenching herself into Bollywood culture. Word is out that she has been signed by Vikram Bhatt to do his next film. The subject: wife-swapping. 

Hate Story became the unexpected hit of last week with its box office collections of Rs 11 crore, standing shoulder to shoulder with Vicky Donor, the Ayushman Khurana starrer on a sperm donor. The actress, who lost 10 kgs to fit the role of the avenger in Hate Story, confesses that she knows little about the topic or whether it is an urban legend that is being used to exploit her further in the obvious fashion. "I need to do more research since I am not familiar with the topic, but I do realize that it has become a reality these days," she said in an interview to The Times of India.

Paoli Dam is also not very worried about being typecast as a Bhatt factory actress.
"I'm a filmaholic; I won't get typecast," she clarified.

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