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Katrina Kaif's nose injured yet again

Katrina Kaif's nose is giving her a lot of issues. Wondering why? Well here's the story. At the shoot of Yash Raj's yet untitled project at Pataudi palace in Haryana, Katrina was shooting a comic scene with her co-star Imran Khan which unfortunately led to some bloody developments.

The scene being shot demanded Imran to have a gun in one hand and Katrina by his side. He was to move around and pull Katrina towards him with the other hand. An error in judgement led to Imran smashing the barrel of his gun into Kat's nose. It happened so quickly and in seconds Kat's nose was bleeding. Coincidentally, this was the same side of Kat's nose that was injured during the shoot of Ajab Prem Ki Ajab Kahani when Ranbir accidentally landed a blow on her face.

Seeing the state of her nose everyone panicked, the shooting was cancelled and Katrina was escorted to her van. A doctor was called and she was administered first aid. The bleeding did stop but she was still in pain. Twice hit in the same spot, Katrina should really get her nose insured.

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