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Hrithik turns magician for Bhansali

Vanity and Hrithik Roshan are made for one another. The vain actor has been known to be extremely cautious of how he appears, what he wears, when he shaves.

Also, of late, directors have become equally paranoid about the 'look' of their films, the pastel of their sets, the get-up of their cast.

Only recently Farah Khan had some miscreants hauled up for attempting to photograph an 'item number' in her forthcoming film. This therefore is quite a treat, and nobody got arrested either.

It is known that Hrithik Roshan plays a magician in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's next Guzaarish. The actor was shooting for a song with Monikangana Dutta on February 26 at Yash Raj Studio.

While Hrithik was in a magician get-up with a three-piece-suit, a hat and an earring, Monikangana was in a black gown with a huge silver choker on her neck.

The shooting went on for three days and Bhansali's guards were on high alert for any Peeping Toms with mobile phones and cameras. But we couldn't resist the urge.

Source: ZoomTV

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