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Is Kareena self-obsessed?

Is Kareena self-obsessed?What makes Kareena Kapoor so hot? The fairer than fair complexion, uber hot body or those razor sharp chiselled features? Kareena’s dietician Rujuta Diwekar recently revealed to us Kareena’s beauty secret which left us impressed and a but stunned too, after all it reiterated, Blowing one’s own trumpet is not so bad after all!

“Kareena is one of those very few women who appreciate themselves and their body. I remember Bebo telling me how hot she looked in a bikini in Tashan. If you compliment a woman, she will often say, “Oh, its just the dress”! But Kareena has no qualms in appreciating herself and thanking herself and her hard work for all the compliments that come her way and this is what makes Kareena stand out. This is her beauty secret” said Rujuta.

Now that why we love Bebo! It’s the killer attitude that makes all the difference...

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