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Deepika, Ranbir together again?

Deepika, Ranbir together again? In a small and incestuous industry like Bollywood, it’s hard to totally blank out your ex. Sometimes, it just makes good business sense to work with them again, especially if you make a good-looking couple on screen.

May be Deepika Padukone has adopted the forgive-and-forget stance or she is dignified enough to not let the past come in the way of professional decisions. Whatever it is, she may be seen with her ex, Ranbir Kapoor, in a film soon.

The film in question is Anurag Basu’s Khamoshi. The story, a love triangle, already has Priyanka Chopra playing one of the lead roles - that of a mentally challenged girl. Incidentally, Anurag Basu approached Deepika after Katrina walked out of the film when she learnt that Priyanka is starring in it.

Deepika doesn’t want her personal equations to come in the way

Our source said, “Anurag has approached Deepika. However, she still needs to take the final call. Ranbir plays the lead role and after their bitter break-up last year, they have not spoken to each other. However, when Deepika got the offer, she was not surprised and is looking at the film professionally.

She doesn’t want her personal equations to come in the way. Deepika will now have a final meeting before taking a call.”
So what are Anurag’s options in case Deepika decides that the discomfort is too high a price to pay? The source adds, “Asin was also being considered for the role before Anurag approached Deepika. But Anurag is now clear that he wants Deepika and is hoping that she will accept. He is also very clear that if Deepika does not do the film for any reason, he will then cast a newcomer.”

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