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Katrina and Ranbir together again

It seems that the filmmaker Prakash Jha is subtly trying to make more money with the dazzling chemistry between Ranbir and Katrina. After completing the shoot of Jha’s film Raajneeti previous year, the couple has again come together earlier this week at Future Studios in Mumbai for shooting some extra scenes.
This extra shoot had close-up shots which are essential to improve the continuity and flow in the movie’s screenplay.
Jha’s aspirations do not end here. He now wishes to shoot a music video on Katrina, Ranbir and Arjun Rampal that will basically be shot for the promotional purposes.
However, Jha claims that the couple has completely surrendered to the film and has agreed for the extra shoots.
Kat and Ranbir, we hope it is only the shoot that is bringing you together again and again and nothing else.

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