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PUBG Mobile Rewards for Godzilla vs. Kong Update, 5 Reward Codes & Redeem Process Explained

Five PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes given, Check this post for Rewards & how to redeem them.
PUBG Mobile Reward Code PUBG Mobile the battle royale title that as of lately crossed a billion downloads overall brings energizing new things and rewards routinely to keep the game feel invigorated and new. Lamentably, the things inside the game expense a fortune on the off chance that somebody wishes to get them by means of procurement. All things considered, there's another strategy in which you can snatch the awards for nothing without spending a dime. The PUBG Mobile Codes will give you free rewards once you recover them. This time there are the most recent codes that players need to claim from in-game area rather than the previous redeem website.

Players can redeem via the in-game section and grab rewards such as aircraft pilot license & graffiti.


How to Redeem:

This time, the Redeem Codes must be claimed in the Godzilla vs. Kong event section instead of the Redemption Center. Follow these steps to redeem the codes.

Step 1: Players need to tap on the ‘Event’ section & go to the ‘Themed’ tab.
Step 2: Under the ‘themed’ tab find the ‘Enter the code to claim a pack’ option & click on it.
Step 3: Now, the redemption page will appear. Players need to put the unique redeem code in the input box & press on ‘Ok’ button to complete the process.

PUBG Mobile Godzilla Reward Code

You can Redeem all of the above given codes.

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