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John Abraham poses with just a pillow, shares a surprising new picture

John Abraham was seen posing with nothing but a pillow as he waited for his clothes on film sets. Watch photo here.
John Abraham new movie Attack 2021

John Abraham had a steamy start to his day on Tuesday. The actor took to Instagram to share a picture of himself as he 'waited for his wardrobe', posing with nothing but a pillow.

In the photo, John is seen sitting on a couch with a room heater next to him. He has his right leg up the the air and a pillow in his lap. "Waiting for wardrobe :) #setlife," he captioned his post.

Fans left funny comments on his post, "Johnny more like daddy?! Tch tch not this early in the morning," wrote one. "Bhai kapde,"

John is working on his next action film, titled Attack. Recently, he suffered an injury on the film's sets. He was filming an action scene for which he had to be hit in the face with a prop rod made of glass. The sequence went wrong and John was left with a bleeding face. He took to Instagram to share a photo of the incident and a video of crew members cleaning his bloodied face.

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