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Rani Mukerji On Motherhood, Marriage, And Returning To Work

Check out what Rani Mukerji has to say on motherhood, her upcoming film, her bond with daughter Adira and her belief that men become good fathers by default.

On December ninth, 2015, Bollywood diva Rani Mukerji brought forth a lovely child young lady who was named Adira. From that point forward, we haven't seen quite a bit of this powerhouse of ability who has done hit movies like No One Killed Jessica, Hey Ram!, Talaash, Bunty Aur Babli, and many others. She enjoyed a reprieve from her acting vocation to be with her little girl. In any case, now, she is making a rebound (a word that she is not very partial to) in a Yash Raj Films generation, Hichki.

Rani Mukerji also wrote a heartfelt letter and shared the first picture of her daughter Adira on her first birthday. While saluting all the mothers, Rani shared how her life changed after becoming a mother.

Recently in an interview she discussed about returning to work, parenthood, and marriage. Here are portions from her discussion.
"When the kids grow up, and they have their own life and schedule and their friends, they don't want their mothers or fathers around that much. I think it's very important to understand very early on that, while your child is very important, what is equally important is that you have to make yourself completely happy and share that happiness with your child. The way our world is now, I think a child kind of adapts to both parents working. They understand that they are going to work and they will come back and spend quality time with them."
"I think of life now in terms of pre-Adira and post-Adira. When I didn't have her, when I used to sign or work on a film, it was the only thing on my mind. I was focused to another level. I was eating, breathing, drinking that film till the film got over. Today, somehow, I feel that's completely changed. I hope I am doing the right thing by coming back to work now. Sometimes, I wonder, 'Am I doing a film too early?'"
"When the script [of Hichki] came to me obviously I wasn't thinking that I would get back to work. For me, it's all about something that excites the actor in me. I got the script, and I really liked it and said, 'Okay, we can go ahead with it.' It was a process that happened organically."
Recently, she went live on YRF's Facebook page, and had an intriguing association with her fans. Watch it here...

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