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Songs For Single Bells To Get Through This Valentine

There are couple of things no one but singles can. Enjoy this kickass playlist we made for all singles. Check out these songs.
Songs for single

While you walk the lonely street on this valentine, you'll see many couples getting lovey-dovey all over the place. Facebook, twitter, restaurants, particularly movie theaters will be overwhelmed with love birds celebrating this “special day” while the singles are left feeling extra-lonely.

However, much the same as there are a sure things that no one but couples can appreciate, there are couple of things no one but singles can. Enjoy this kickass playlist we made for all singles.

Jiya Jiya Re Jiya Re

Well, if you can enjoy life like that and say Khud hi se maine ishq kiya re. then do you even need anything else in life.

Sheila Ki Jawani

The next time your annoying couple friends try to hook you up with somebody, you know what to say, I know you want me but you’re never gonna get me, tere haath kabhi na aani.

Just Go to Hell, Oh Dil

Just tell your dil to STFU and go to hell. You’ll feel a lot better.


Dance your dard-e-disco out.

Chor Bazari

TBH, it’s one of the happiest and most practical break up songs there are. Ghatni hi thi yeh bhi ghatna, ghatte ghatte lo yeh  ghat gayi.

The Breakup Song

Use phone mila, aur gaali de, photo jalaa ke kar de raakh, saale tere maa ki aankh. We’re sure your friend who didn’t like your ex will enjoy this one more than you will.

Emotional Attyachar

This one’s your anthem. Blame them for all the emotional attyachaar they put you through and dance it out.

Jaa Chudail

The passive aggressive folks who have more than had it with their ex, say Jaa Chudail and get your groove on.

Bann Gaya Kutta

Feel lucky for not being Kutta in relationship.

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