Bombay Black

Remember Bombay Black, the enduring music band from the late 90s that garnered quite a fan following within the music circles of India. If you were an addict of their experimental music earlier, you will be glad to grasp that the band is back.

Bombay Black

They were one among the first Indian independent bands to be invited to play abroad. when the band stony-broke up in 2003, some of the band members like brothers Naresh and Paresh Kamath went on to create the critically acclaimed band, Kailasa with Kailash Kher and Randolph Correia teamed up with Monica Dogra to form Shaa'ir and Func, another ground-breaking musical pair.

Bombay Black

Bombay Black

For the uninitiated, the crew was formed in 1999 when a bunch of talented musicians came together to make their kind of music, which back then became the "in" sound of Mumbai. Considered one of the most progressive attempts in Indian electronica, the collective released two successful albums before the band broke up in 2003.

The super-group is back together with their new album Bombay Black Hole. The video for their first song Boing Boing has been released and it's pretty kick-ass.

Bombay Black

The band released the first song of their new music album which has electro-rock-jazz-hip hop twist to it. The video has been directed by filmmaker and writer Megha Ramaswamy on a shoestring budget of Rs. 12 and looks simply amazing.

Bombay Black Hole Tracklist:

  • Boing Boing
  • Big Sexy
  • Aphrodisia
  • Sagar Darshan
  • Black Business
  • The Lesson
  • Razz [Session9]
  • Uwent4gold [ Boingboing Remix ]
  • Xtra Black Mixology
  • #The Witchhammer Tribute
  • #Aphrodisia Redux By Audio Pervert

and 11 more Remixes By A Host Of Emerging Producers And Bands.
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