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Aisha Sharma Bagged A Role Opposite Akshay Kumar

Aisha Sharma, a real hottie recently packed away a part inverse Akshay Kumar in his forthcoming flick. Read more and view images.
Aisha Sharma

Odds are you'd know about one Neha Sharma. Yes, the same actress who has featured inverse Emraan Hashmi and Tusshar Kapoor in certain movies. Indeed, not an impressive resume there, we get it. However, thankfully, this story is not about her. Or maybe it's about her sister Aisha Sharma who has recently packed away a part inverse Akshay Kumar in his forthcoming flick "Namastey England". We definitely realize that Akshay has been matched inverse Sonakshi Sinha in the movie. In any case, appears as though it will be an affection triangle, since Aisha too plays his better half in the film!

As indicated by a source, "Sonakshi won't be the main female lead inverse Akshay in the film. While she plays his significant other, Aisha plays his affection interest. She is extremely hot on the modelling circuit and her matching with Akshay is a new one while, Sonakshi has been combined with the on-screen character five times effectively." Needless to say Aisha looks super hot! Truth be told, she has additionally been a Kingfisher calender model previously. We selected some truly cool photos of her, and it appears like we can expect some awesome science amongst her and Akshay on the extra large screen.

Aisha Sharma

Aisha Sharma

Aisha Sharma

Aisha Sharma

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