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12 People You Should Totally Drunk Dial This New Year's Eve

We don’t understand why people stop their friends from drunk dialling. In fact, we bring to you a list of people you should totally drunk.. Read more.

We don’t understand why people stop their friends from drunk dialling. In fact, we bring to you a list of people you should totally drunk dial this New Year’s Eve, for the craziest drunken nights make for the best memories. Next time you go drinking, keep that phone handy!

1. Remember that sadistic teacher back in school who failed you every freaking time, whose ulterior motive in life was to make your life hell? Call her up and ask her “If John had 3 apples and lost one, calculate the mass of the sun.”

2. Geet did it in ‘Jab We Met’ and trust us, it actually feels good. So, drunk dial that ex-girlfriend who broke your heart and tell her it’s her loss, not yours. Make her realize what she’s lost!

3. And once you’re done with that, dial her current boyfriend. Don’t rant, don’t curse him. Just say, “Good luck, bro!” and hang up.

4. Call up that ex boss who paid you peanuts and expected skills of a superhuman from you. Call him up and tell him everything you’ve ever wanted to, because there’s nothing he can do now!

5. We all have that one friend we were really close to at one point but lost touch with over the years. Get drunk and call him up when he’s least expecting you to and start off from where you left!

6. You know who else needs to hear from you when you’re drunk? That girl who friendzoned you and eventually settled for an uglier guy. Call her up and tell her what a fool she has been!

7. Remember those times when you were in the middle of things, caught up in meetings and that salesperson from Airtel or Vodafone kept calling you to offer new postpaid plans? Time to dial each one of them back and have random conversations.

8. We all have that one grumpy old aunty in our neighbourhood whose only purpose in life is to spy on us and make gossip out of nothing. Give her blank calls on her landline, and make sure she doesn’t catch even a moment of sleep that whole night!

9. Call up your landlord from an unknown number, make up a gangster voice and take revenge for all those times he’s come banging at your door in the middle of parties or threatened to throw you out every time you got friends home.

10. Now that you’re drunk and making calls, how about you finally call up that girl you could never muster the courage to talk to and tell her what you think about her and who knows, this New Year’s eve, you might just have a new date!

11. Drunk dial that annoying colleague who takes all the credit for your work or the one who lands you in trouble every time, because, what better opportunity than this! Give him an earful because you know you can always play “I’m sorry I was drunk, I didn’t mean any of that” card the next morning!

12. And if all of that isn’t crazy enough, drunk dial random people and just whisper “I know what you did” and hear them go frantic for no reason!

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