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Shahid Kapoor having space issues with wife Mira Rajput?

Shahid Kapoor having space issues with wife Mira Rajput? Trouble in marriage? Read on to find out the full story…
It’s really strange how Shahid Kapoor has repeatedly avoided talking about his pretty wife Mira Rajput, despite being married for over three months now. Although he’s shown some love by tweeting her picture a couple of times. But the moment someone asks him to talk about Mira, he goes deaf ear leaving everyone curious if he is really happy being a married man or no. Well, we believe that’s exactly why Sasha finally decided to break his silence this time….and it’s SO not what we expected.

In a recent interview, the actor spoke in length about how his life has changed after marriage and he is in that happy-sad phase right now. Happy because he has a loving wife who waits for him until he returns home. And sad because she is already eating into all his space. Yes! He just confessed this in one the most diplomatic ways possible claiming how his room is not the same anymore. Mira has changed everything right from the lights to the colours to the couch. He also admitted how he’s only been able to hold on to 49 percent of his space while the rest belongs to Mira. “She has already started eating into this space that is rightfully my space” admitted the actor.

However, having said that, Sasha clarifies that he isn’t regretting this space issue with Mira. In fact he recalled to one of his loving days and added, “I was trying to adjust to the fact that now I’m a married man. And I reached the house and entered through the back entrance that goes past the kitchen. She was making something for me and she turned around and had a huge smile on her face. She said, “Baby give me five minutes to get the food ready.” She makes some yummy protein pancakes. I insist that she cooks me a meal at least once a week because she knows how to make the really cool stuff. Anyway, when I came that day, she gave me this big hug and I felt so happy that I came home after a hard day’s work and we would be eating a meal together.” Aww! Now how sweet is that?
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