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Matargashti, Kun Faya Kun, Masakali - Some song codes has been decoded

I was left scratching my head over the song’s name! Matargashti? What the f is that? Codes of some songs like Matargashti, Kun Faya Kun, Katiya Karun, Chiggy-Wiggy etc. has just been decoded here.
We realised that AR rahman and Imtiaz Ali will joins hands again for Tamasha, we surely were excited. The reason for the excitement was that whever both the maestros collaborated before, we got some great musical gems in Rockstar and Highway!

Last night, we had the fortune to watch the first song from Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone’s Tamasha, Matargashti. The song was cool, Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone looked amazing together, Corsica looked undeniably beautiful, but I was left scratching my head over the song’s name! Matargashti? What the f is that?

If there are any more knowledgeable people than me who are reading this post and sniggering at my poor Hindi skills,I am really sorry about that! I only know street-level Hindi, which have helped go through my daily routine from time to time. So when words like Matargashti and Hairathe are thrown over my face, like any moron, I do get confused!

The prime culprit for this confusion is Rahman sir, whose songs I adore! But his love for Urdu vocabulary surely gets my head spinning, though I would definitely prefer those songs over any Munni, Sheila and Mary, any time!

So for the sake of many people like me, who wants to enjoy Rahman songs completely, but are sure not sure what the heck those lyrics mean, I have translated the 12 popular but confusing song names in his discography for your sake!

Awara Hoon…Awara hoon…wouldn’t that have sounded better and simpler? And the song had featured Ranbir’s grandpa!

Maybe Rahman was really bored of the word Judaai popping up in every sound track…

Would have rather preferred Kabootar jaa jaa jaa…from Salman Khan’s Maine Pyar Kiya for its simpler lyrics. But in the case of that song, the pigeon was made to do chores as a postman, while here the singer is telling the pigeon (Masakali) to fly free! And who doesn’t love freedom? Udd Masakali!

I got a new word to flirt with a girl!

AR Rahman’s love for Sufi music and songs is well known, and we thank him for giving us such a beautiful song!

No matter how much Prateik Babbar wanted to adore Amy Jackson, both their relationship and the film tanked big time!

Is it me, or is this song hidden with sexual innuendos?

I really love this song, though I am still confused about the meaning of the phrase ‘The red rabbit of mother’. Can someone please explain?

Now I know what to sing when I am in a crowded train!

Kunal Khemu’s Bhaag Johnny had a song with lines that has the same meaning but with more in your face chutzpah – Daddy mummy hain nahi ghar pe, Pichhle kamre mein ghus ke, kuch to karenge chhup ke mill zara! And no, they aren’t speaking about playing antakshari!

This would be what John Travolta and Nicholas Cage would be singing to each other if Face/Off was ever remade in Bollywood!

But still Jai Ho! to AR Rahman to associate his music with such great heavy lyrics (except for that Chiggy Wiggy…that sucked!) instead of going on for more pedestrian and crass lyrics!

Source: BollywoodLife

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