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Hate Story 3 : Get sleazy in this Indecent Proposal rip-off

The makers promised us hotness and that’s purely what we get! Get sleazy in this Indecent Proposal rip-off. Watch full trailer of Hate Story 3 here,

The makers promised us hotness and that’s purely what we get!
The first trailer for the third part of the sleaze fest called the Hate Story series is out, and it’s….err…not something that you would really ant to watch with your mother or your kids in the same room! Director by Vishal Pandya, the movie stars Sharman Joshi, Karan Singh Grover and Salman Khan finds, Zareen Khan and Daisy Shah.

Like in the first two films of the series, even this movie is about sex, sex and a revenge plot thrown in between. The film is about the power struggle between two businessmen played by Sharman Joshi and karan Singh Grover, which intensifies when the character played by KSG propositions his rival to allow his wife, played by Zareen Khan, to spend the night with him. The trailer promises a vicious remake of the Robert Redford-Demi Moore-Woody Harrelson starrer Indecent Proposal, which was more of a drama than a thriller.

This is what we felt about the trailer:

What’s hot
From the beginning to end, the trailer does not shy away from showcasing its USP – sex. With the success of the first two films, apparently there is a market for such films, and the makers want to cash on that! If you close your eyes and just hear the audio, you would not be blamed for mistaking the trailer for porno with all those orgasmic sounds! All the four leads are really good looking and have no qualms in shedding their clothes off. The girls can droll over Karan Singh Grover’s tattooed body (See…no partiality there!), while the guys have Zareen Khan and Daisy Shah in various states of undress! Wonder what their mentor Salman Khan has to say about that!

What’s not
The problem with our filmmakers we can’t differentiate between between erotic and sleazy, and that’s apparently the problem with the trailer here. The sex is too in-your-face for your comfort! Just so that that you won’t mistake it for a porno, there is also an evil laugh! It’s sad to see the very much talented Sharman Joshi squandering his skills in stuff like these. The CGI is tacky, especially that plane explosion scene and that scene when Sharman Joshi and KSG meets for the first time, against a fake Mumbai skyline! What pained me most is the way they abused that beautiful song from Sadak, Tumhe Apna Banane Ki Kasam! Are our composer running out of original songs?

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