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Why 'Quantico' Might Be One Of The Most Feminist Shows On-Air This Fall

Know Why 'Quantico' Might Be One Of The Most Feminist Shows On-Air This Fall. Read more here.
Debuting on ABC tonight is a captivating drama that follows the new class of FBI recruits. The first hour of Quantico is packed with so many puzzles that it’s hard to tear your eyes away from the screen. But  the best and most refreshing parts of this program are the strong female leads at the center.

Quantico not only highlights a handful of diverse women, but gives them more than just love interests to drive the plot. They’re forceful, have storylines that propel their narrative and dialog that doesn’t shy away from the double standards and hardships women face in reality.

Alex Parish (played by Priyanka Chopra) is at the middle of an investigation into a deadly explosion in New York City. Through flashbacks, she attempts to help authorities determine which classmate was the one behind the attack, only later getting wrongfully pegged for the crime. The premiere closes as Parish becomes aware that she must find the real perpetrator in order to save herself.

Parish and three other female characters quickly fall into standard story lines given to their gender (the boss, the petite blonde and the lead who starts with a bang full of boy drama). Just as swiftly as these clichés are introduced, the plot pivots into feminism.

Priyanka Chopra (centre) in a still from ‘Quantico’

Within the first ten minutes, Parish has casual sex with a stranger in his car. But when she finds out Ryan Booth (Jake McLaughlin) is also a recruit at the FBI academy, it feels reminiscent of Grey’s Anatomy when the female lead discovers in the pilot that her one-night stand is her boss. Instead of freezing and running, Quantico takes a new approach.
Source: Forbes

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