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Radhe Maa Wasn't Enough, Now Her Son Is Ready To Entertain Us With His Big Screen Debut

Radhe Maa's Son Leaves Film Shoot To Be On His Mom's Side. Read more here.
Radhe Maa’s life could easily make a spicy Bollywood screenplay. And sooner or later, she will inspire a film too. But if we say that Radhe Maa already has some real Bollywood connection, it might just come as a surprise!
The self-styled Godwoman remains surrounded by controversies for sometime now. And giving her a shoulder of support are not just her ardent followers, but her younger son too!
But what’s the catch? If reports are to be believed, her son is set to make a Bollywood debut. When trouble hit his mother last month, he took the first flight back from Thailand where he was shooting for his filmy outing Ishq.com to be with his mom in India.

And if you thought Indrani Mujkherjee’s family was all messed up, think again

Radhe Maa
For Radhe Maa is no different. While her son is doing everything to prove his dedication towards his mother, Radhe Maa continues to call her relationship with her two sons and husband, that of a Guru and her followers!
Radhe Maa became the hottest topic of the season in the nick of a second, thanks to her mini dress stint. While she went on to claim "I am pure and pious" all it made her was the favourite of trolls and Dubsmashes that followed.
Radhe Maa
Focus News
Reports might be rife that Radhe Maa has been approached for the upcoming season of Bigg Boss 9, it doesn’t matter unless this lady is giving full entertainment to the audience in any possible way!
Source: Indiatimes

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