Poonam Jhawer is back with a shocking ‘Radhe Maa’ dubsmash. Poonam had also played a character similar to ‘Radhe Maa’ in Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Oh My God’. The item girl of Bollywood who began her career with ‘Mohra’ was recently in news because of her brother’s murder too.
Famous for posting hot & sexy pictures on social media, the 38yr old actress is again set to grab eyeballs with her shocking debut dubsmash video. Poonam who was also seen condemning Radhe Maa recently at various news channels is now surprisingly trying to catch attention using the same ‘Godwoman’s dubsmash.

Poonam has a cigarette in one hand and booze in another.. and taking a drag she says.. “Kya koi bhi Maa ghar mei bachchon ko pyaar karti hai to Maa ko ashleel bologe?..mere  bachche hain.. maine pehle hi bol diya mai Maa hun.. I’m pure and pious..” and goes onto sip drink alcohol from the glass in another hand.

Poonam captioned her dubsmash video.. “On request of all my lovelies. My 1st ever #Dubsmash #RadheMaa ” on twitter.


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