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Kangana Ranaut and Imran Khan were made to KISS and pose for 23000 pictures? Lip to Lip Kissiyan Video Added.

This happened on the sets of their next film Katti Batti. Watch video of Lip to Lip Kissiyan. Read on to find out the full story…
It can be now revealed that the newly released song from Katti Batti titled ‘Lip to Lip’ required over 23,000 pictures of Imran and Kangana to be clicked. ‘Lip to Lip’ is the third song to be released from the film and has received a lot of appreciation from the audiences with more than 1 million views in a week since its release.
The song required the use of ‘stop motion technique’ in order to add an innovative edge to the foot tapping number. This was the very first time that this technique has been used for a Bollywood song. The stop motion technique required the actors to move by inches each time to depict a slow change in motion as opposed to the previously captured position.
What? Kangana Ranaut and Imran Khan were made to KISS and pose for 23000 pictures?
The director Nikhil Advani, clicked over 23,000 pictures to execute the entire video of the song using this technique, paying attention to minute details. The song was shot for 3 days and needed Imran and Kangana to hold their stance still until a sequence of the video was shot to maintain visual stability.
It was due to this technique that Imran-Kangana had to stay glued to each other for nearly 24 hours over a period of three days in order to get perfect stills. Both Imran and Kangana were extremely excited to use the innovative technique and were co-operative throughout the filming of the video. The song ‘Lip to Lip’ has been launched by the makers and the reaction which it received has been wonderful! Katti Batti is all set to hit theaters on September 18, 2015.
Watch video of Lip to Lip Kissiyan.

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