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Katrina Kaif wants Arranged Marriage

Despite her overwhelming success at the Box Office, Bollywood’s biggest imported success—Katrina Kaif hasn’t had Lady Luck smiling on her romantic life. For starters, her relationship with Salman Khan engaged lots of controversies. Every few weeks, there was some news of this relationship oscillating between friendship and romance. Just recently, Katrina was supposed to be dating the Rockstar of Bollywood, Ranbir Kapoor. Later, reports emerged that the much talked-about philandering ways of Ranbir lead to another heartbreak for Katrina.
Now, it seems that Katrina has decided not to involve the Filmi fraternity into her love life anymore. She recently expressed her desire to settle down with a man chosen by her mother. Reportedly, Katrina has already requested her mother to set the ball rolling for an arranged marriage!
This is despite news of Katrina’s overseas trips with Salman and her proximity to Ranbir continuing to surface repeatedly. Both Salman and Katrina have failed to provide any clarity regarding their status. Most industry-watchers say that her relationship with Ranbir has actually hit a rock bottom now. This is why Katrina decided not to persist her pairing with Ranbir and walked out of an Ayaan Mukerji film. Katrina’s close aides have revealed that the lady has decided not to consider offers that cast her opposite Ranbir.
If an analysis of marriages of Bollywood actresses in the recent past is done, it seems that most of them prefer to choose their life-partners. This trend is particularly true for the new breed of Bollywood queens, like Kareena Kapoor. One of the most sought after actresses of our times, Kareena doesn’t seem to have any reservations about marrying an older, the much-divorced and father-of-two, Saif Ali Khan.

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