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Will Sallu family find 'kudi' for him?

Salman Khan is on the top of the world. He is still tops the list of the most eligible bachelors in the country. While he had an affair with Ash to Somy Ali and from Katrina to many others in the past,his relationship never reached to the stage of marriage.

Nevertheless, Salman’s family is looking for her possible spouse.Salim Khan, Sallu's abbu, has told media time and again that 'we are looking for his match.” Salim,who also loves astrogoy,once
said that if he could not find match before he reaches the age of 42, he would never marry.

In a interview, Sallu, who otherwise prefers to remain silent about his love life, candidly said, "I want someone who is very efficient with good qualities of a homemaker."

The hunk belongs to a well knit family that has been a cohesive unit thru thick and thin. And family values are something that hold great importance in the actor’s life.

Sallu said, “ In today's times when family values have become trivia and human bonding is breaking down, everyone must remember that a man is a success only if he has good family values. I would rate family values as something more important than success.”

The top star star does earn in crores but he has a very simple lifestyle as he knows how his father moved to Mumbai from Indore with just Rs 60 in his pocket!

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