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Salman’s friends continue to address Katrina as “Bhabi’

Mumbai: Salman Khan’s friends continue to address Katrina as ‘Katrina Bhabhi’ despite the two splitting ways, reports say.
The two have moved on in life and have decided to remain friends forever.
With respect to Katrina’s behavior, a common friend stated “She doesn`t invite proximity. But once you are a part of her close circle, she effortlessly draws you close to the goodness of her heart.”
The friend said further, “It is impossible to be angry or sarcastic with Katrina. Forget about being violent. No man would dare to misbehave with her.”
With Katrina’s debut film “Boom” which tanked at the box-office, it was Salman Khan who approached filmmakers to sign Katrina as most directors were reluctant in signing a non-Hindi speaking girl for their film.
A friend added “She knows she has moved to another level in their relationship where they are no more boyfriend-girlfriend. Salman has attained a level of empathy with Katrina that he has never reached in any previous relationship.”

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