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Rakhi: Kat used Salman

Kya aap mere swayamwar mein aayengey?" asks Rakhi Sawant, when you ask if another swayamwar is on the cards for her, "Main shaadi karna chahti hoon, magar koi mile toh! Unfortunately, I haven't found the right man. I'm still thinking about another swayamwar!" she jests.

But, more than her own broken engagement, Rakhi is heartbroken with Salman Khan's breakup with Katrina. "Girls just come to Salman to make their careers and once they are done with their job, they leave him. Salman bas charity karta reh jaata hai. I feel so sorry for him. Bechara har baar pyaar mein dhoka kha jata hai," she laments. But, for Aamir Khan, she feels happy with the success of "Peepli Live". She adds, "I'm not a movie buff. The last movie that i watched was "Raavan". I loved Abhishek Bachhan. I think he is a great actor, far better than Amitabh Bachchan. Saari zindagi toh woh Dilipsaab ko copy karte reh gaye. I'm sorry to say, but there is nothing natural about Amitji."

Since passing judgments comes so easy to Rakhi, it's no surprise that she's soon going to be seen on a TV show doing just that – solving disputes; something similar to Kiran Bedi's "Aap Ki Kachehri". "Kiranji needed a degree to pass judgements, I don't," Rakhi points out, "I may not have studied Law, but I have a good heart. And that is enough." And what is she bringing to the table that other hosts don't? "Ab Rakhi hai toh glamour toh hoga hi," she laughs, then adds, "Darling, it is a reality show toh glamour mandatory ho jata hai. But, I can assure you ki in a serious show like this, naa hee meri cleavage dikhegi aur na hee mere sexy legs, kyunki mera saara glamour mere face mein hai. But, there is no specific dress code. Also, my fans would not like to see me in a de-glam avatar. I have the responsibility of being glamorous. I have taught actresses how to dress up on screen."
But, what about her responsibility to entertain her audiences with her song and dance routines? "Jahan Rakhi hai wahan dance bhi hoga," she assures us, "So, whenever I will be happy with the judgments that I've made, I may do an item number. Waise bhi, it is said that Rakhi Sawant always carries a tape recorder with her!" But for someone who courts controversy so often, how easy will it be to decide right from wrong?

"Arrey bhai, why me? Why do people associate controversies with me when we have bigger celebs who have controversies surrounding them all the time?" And if we're talking about controversies, Abhishek's name is bound to pop up. But Rakhi retorts, "Who Abhishek?" Ex-lover Abhishek Awasthi, we remind her. "He's not my friend anymore. Yes, I've forgiven him on a public platform and that's it! I don't want to be friends with my enemies." Noted, Rakhi!

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