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Ranbir Kapoor to Become a Butler!

Ranbir Kapoor is never one to shy away from new challenges and his new role is sure to bring the giggles!

The "Rocket Singh" star, who has been Pepsi’s brand ambassador for quite some time now, has signed up for a new TV commercial in which he will play a butler! 
We can already picture Ranbir is his white shirt, tie and waistcoat, all topped with a spiky hairdo! Sounds funky!
The commercial was shot in Los Angeles and Ranbir was excited about the opportunity:
"Shooting was definitely a 'wow' experience. I love the way it has turned up right from the script, the sets, the whole look," he said.
And the star praised Pepsi for letting giving him the opportunity to play something different!
"With Pepsi I have always got a chance to experiment and try new interesting characters. Each commercial brings with it a new excitement."

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