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Shahid-Anushka kiss ka kissa

Lately whatever news we hear about Shahid Kapoor and Anushka Sharma’s upcoming flick Badmaash Company is only about kissing scenes.
During one such steamy shot session, director Parmeeth Sethi did not like Shahid-Anushka’s lip-lock and demanded a retake saying, “It was gawky and odd. You guys need to do it again.”

When the technicians were getting ready for the retake, Shahid-Anushka were no where to be seen and only came back after two hours amidst frantic calls from Sethi.
When Sethi inquired about their disappearing act, Shahid-Anushka said, “We had gone to buy some books from a bookstore in Bandra.” to which Sethi asked, “Two hours?”.
A source said, the cast and crew members started to pull their legs and asked them, “Which book had you gone to buy? The Beginner’s Guide To Kissing?”
Whatever they did during the dissapearing act, helped them to give a great smooch shot for the retake.
The source adds, “They kissed quite well. The change was remarkable. In fact, Anushka, who was quite shy when asked to kiss on the first occasion, had turned into a completely new person. Shahid was still a bit shy, though.”
Wonder what was their secret for the great retake.

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