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Everyone wants more from Kajol

Kajol is a diva, and a timeless beauty besides being one of the most talented actresses in the industry.

Her work has always impressed critics and viewers alike and has always been appreciated in the fraternity. After a 2 year long hiatus, she's back with the two best friends she has in the industry, Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan. 

Kajol says that coming to shoot for 'MNIK' is like a party for her and that maintaining the relationship that she has with Karan and Shah Rukh requires a lot of effort! She has lots to talk about her character in the movie, starting with the strong and sensible attitude of Mandira as a woman. She also says that rating 'MNIK' as a movie is impossible as it is a drama concerning human behavior and it's complications.
Kajol also feels that the movie is the most different and serious thing that Karan has ever done! Shah Rukh's charater will make you fall in love with him, says Kajol! Talking about her future projects, Kajol shares tit-bits about the upcoming movie, the remake of 'Stepmom' and her superhero flick 'Tonpoor Ka Superhero' with Ajay Devgan. Watch the video for more on 'MNIK' and Kajol!


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