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Sonu Sood Airlifts 170 Girls at a Factory in Kerala

Sonu Sood now helps migrant laborers stuck in Kerala. He sends an special airplane to lift 170 young girls from Kerala to Odisha. Read more..

Adding more to his chain of honorable work, actor Sonu Sood now helped 170 young ladies stuck in Kerala via transporting them to their home state. The young ladies from Odisha were working at an industrial facility in Ernakulam, Kerala, as sewing and weaving workers. On Friday, Sonu sent an exceptional airplane to lift the young ladies and other 10 vagrant workers who were working at a pressed wood processing plant. 

The news was distributed by IANS that additionally conveyed elite photos of the little youngsters modeling for the camera while holding Sony's representations in hands. Rajya Sabha MP from Odisha, Amar Patnaik likewise valued Sonu's endeavors in helping the young ladies and tweeted about it. His post read, "Sonu SoodJi, you are assisting the Odisha young ladies with returning securely from Kerala is estimable. Praise to your honorable endeavors. It's mind blowing to perceive how you are helping the penniless arrive at their homes securely. More solidarity to you," 

The young ladies were carried from Kochi and were sent at the Bhubaneswar air terminal, after which individual transportation to their particular zones in Odisha was organized. This is only one of Sonu's numerous endeavors that he has made to help vagrant laborers from all over India arrive at their homes. The on-screen character has so far sent more than 2000 specialists to their homes in different Indian states. The on-screen character and his restaurateur companion started the activity called Ghar Bhejo in March and keeping in mind that they confronted numerous difficulties at first, more individuals collaborated with them later and now, they are determined to send every transient specialist and their families back to their homes.

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