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Konkana Sen Sharma SLAMS the CBFC for denying certification for her next - Lipstick Under My Burkha

Why are we becoming such an intolerant country, questions Konkana after Lipstick Under My Burkha was denied certification. Read More.
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Konkana Sen Sharma's next film – Lipstick Under My Burkha was denied confirmation by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). In their letter to the creators, the CBFC said the reasons why they had denied confirmation and we need to state they were unmistakably stunning. After the letter hit the web, the Twitterati and numerous celebs from the business hammered this choice. Also, now Konkana Sen Sharma has turned out and hammered the board and addressed how we as a nation be so bigoted?

As Konkona Sen Sharma said to Bombay Times, "In what manner can CBFC not affirm the film by any means? This is crazy. Is the film being rejected in light of the fact that it manages female dreams? Most Indian movies are about male dreams, shouldn't something be said about them? Presently, if a film is made on ladies' sexuality, it is declined to be confirmed! It's a film for grown-ups, and it ought to get an A testament. We are not requesting that kids watch it. What I can't comprehend is its out right dismissal. It is dismal how grown-ups have the privilege to vote, yet not watch a film of their decision."

Subsequent to being denied affirmation, Prakash Jha (maker) is presently wanting to approach the Film Certification Appellate Tribunal(FCAT). In any case, Konkana is not that cheerful. As she included, "Any film that is not optimistic and manages a piece of dim the truth is not affirmed by the board. Lipstick Under My Burkha is around four ladies from Bhopal and the strict codes of conduct that they should take after. How are we expected to depict these, if not the way we have appeared in the film? Why are we turning out to be such a prejudiced nation? A tranquil course in Delhi University is contradicted; a film that is somewhat unique in relation to the typical is declined to be confirmed. Isn't this zor-zabardasti?"

Clearly, the warmth will be on Pahlaj Nihalani and CBFC at the end of the day. Be that as it may, will a perpetual arrangement ever turned out? Well the reality of the situation will become obvious eventually. Just to recap a bit, according to the letter from the CBFC, the purposes behind denying affirmation to Lipstick Under My Burkha were – "The story is woman situated, their dream, above life. There are hostile sexual scenes, oppressive words, sound erotic entertainment and somewhat touchy touch around one specific segment of society."


Do you think these reason are legitimized? Impart to us your considerations in the remarks segment below!

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