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Nana Patekar: Jawans are our real heroes, actors are trivial

Nana Patekar's Reply to Salman Khan. He urged people not to heed Bollywood actors as they are trivial when compared to the country. Read more.
Nana Patekar encouraged individuals not to regard Bollywood on-screen characters as they are insignificant when contrasted with the nation. The performing artist was talking around a call to boycott Pakistani on-screen characters in the fallout of Uri assault in which 18 fighters were slaughtered.

Nana Patekar said that matter of Pakistani on-screen characters working in India is negligible waste of time with regards to nation. "I don't know whatever else other than my nation. An artiste is little before a nation. As artistes, we don't have esteem with regards to nation," said Patekar amid a cooperation with the media on Sunday.

Patekar likewise made it clear that the nation starts things out for him. " I was in the armed force and have burned through two and half years there. I know who are our greatest legends. Nobody can be a greater legend than our jawans. Our jawans are our genuine saints," said Patekar.

At the point when gotten some information about how Bollywood is partitioned on the issue, Patekar said, "We performing artists are paltry and immaterial. Kindly don't pay consideration on what we say."

Patekar didn't take any names of the individuals who have diverse conclusions. Be that as it may, he said, " I am discussing those individuals as it were. They don't have the status to remark on these issues."

Salman Khan had before said "They (Pakistani Actors) are specialists, not fear based oppressors. The administration gives them work allows and visas. Craftsmanship and fear based oppression ought not be blended."

Giving a kickback, the Shiv Sena on Saturday said that Salman too ought to move to Pakistan on the off chance that he prefers the Pakistani performing artists to such an extent.

Watch what Nana Patekar said on banning Pakistani artistes

MNS boss Raj Thackeray, at a question and answer session, talked finally about the matter. Taking the war of words to a level higher, Raj said "Would we say we are shy of specialists in our nation? Why do we require Pakistani craftsmen to work in our movies? I don't get it. Jawans are battling for us at borders.What'll happen on the off chance that they choose to put down their weapons? Who'll monitor our outskirts? Salman Khan? These craftsmen ought to acknowledge 'Country first'. On the off chance that they have so much issue, we will boycott their motion pictures as well".

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